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BackupBuddy 3.3 is Here: New Features & Improvements

BackupBuddy 3.3 is officially in the wild with loads of new features to help make your WordPress backups and restores even easier. Here’s a recap of some of the new things you’ll see in this latest version of BackupBuddy:

New BackupBuddy Features

  • New “Cancel Backup” Button: A “Cancel Backup” button has been added to the Backup process page to allow for interruptions to the backup process. This is particularly useful if you’ve forgotten to exclude certain directories from your Complete backups and you’re concerned about backup file size.


  • Easily Troubleshoot Conflicting Plugins: The Server Information page now lists your site’s active WordPress plugins and helps point out any known problems with these plugins.


  • Manually Run Scheduled Backups: Scheduled backups can be manually run from the Scheduling page. You can now test schedules backups, including automated remote destination sending, by hovering a schedule on the Scheduling page and selecting “Run Now”.


  • View Backup Meta Information: Backup meta information is now available on the Backup page by selecting “View Details” in the Status column for any new backups made, including the WordPress and BackupBuddy version when the backup was made, serial, date, site URL, and backup type. This information is embedded in the backup ZIP file.


  • Backup File Integrity Scan during the Backup Generation Process: BackupBuddy further insures backup integrity for your security and piece of mind. This also prevents any potentially damaged backups from replacing good backups if limits are in place.
  • New Swedish Translation: BackupBuddy now includes a Swedish translation. Ja!

New ImportBuddy Features

ImportBuddy 3.3 includes miscellaneous UI improvements for enhanced look, feel and usability, plus dozens of behind-the-scenes improvements in performance, reliability and helping the user along the process, including:

  • Quick-Reference for Commonly-Seen Problems and Simple Solutions: Having issues? ImportBuddy’s Step 5 now includes a quick-reference for potential problems (due to server issues or settings/configuration) and some simple solutions.


  • Improved Troubleshooting and Error-catching: ImportBuddy now includes better error-catching and logging of problems for improved troubleshooting. For example, after migration, wp-config.php and .htaccess files are checked for any URLs that ImportBuddy could not automatically migrate (for instance a URL that only partially matched the source site URL). Also, ImportBuddy now attempts to detect and report when files have been unzipped to the wrong location or subdirectory during a manual restore.
  • View Detailed Information for Backup/Restore Files: Step 1 now lists additional information for each backup file found to restore such as the source site URL, time & date the backup was created, backup type, backup file size, WordPress version and the BackupBuddy version that created the backup.
  • Advanced Options: The “Advanced Options” button is now accessible on lower left of applicable pages.
  • **Added Security Measures**: ImportBuddy now automatically locks out all access after 4 failed authentication attempts to help prevent unauthorized access. To further prevent any visitors from accessing your site mid-restore, a temporary index.htm and .maintenance file are generated during the restore process.

How to update

All current, licensed BackupBuddy users will find the BackupBuddy 3.3 update available from within the WordPress dashboard via Plugins > Installed Plugins. You can also download the latest version of BackupBuddy after logging in to the iThemes Member Panel (check out our free Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin for manual updates).


  1. Yeah, nice new features but it doesn’t work properly with Rackspace Cloud sites.

    Had terrible trouble yesterday trying to restore a database (big mess) and why can’t it wait a little longer for the files to extract before it times out? The files do actually extract correctly if you wait.

    Eventually went back to V3.1.8 and that worked perfectly.

    Why “fix” something that works… ?

  2. Where is multisite support ?

    Multisite support is in beta mode, right?

    Most companies who communicate about a feature which is available in beta, mean that they plan to release this feature.

    Some people like me, bought your plugin 2 years ago because of this potential multisite support. We are still waiting.

    2 possibilities :

    – You plan to release this feature soon. 2 years after the beta launch it’s time to communicate.

    -You don’t plan to release this feature soon. 2 years after the beta launch it’s really time to communicate.

    Thanks for your answer



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