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New Quick Setup Wizard in BackupBuddy 3.4

BackupBuddy 3.4 is officially in the wild today with more new features and enhancements. To make getting started with BackupBuddy even easier, you’ll now find a brand new Quick Setup wizard on BackupBuddy’s Getting Started page. (To locate it, just expand the BackupBuddy menu from within the WordPress dashboard and click the Getting Started page. From there, you’ll  see the new Quick Setup tab.)

BackupBuddy’s New Quick Setup Wizard

BackupBuddy’s new Quick Setup wizard will guide you through four of the most important settings after installing BackupBuddy to help you configure:

  1. Email address for backup and error notifications
  2. Password for restoring and migrating backups
  3. Location for backup storage
  4. Backup schedule

Once you have your backup and error notification email address and password for restoring and migrating backs configured, you’ll see a green check mark that confirms your settings.

Next up, you’ll see a drop down for selecting where to send your backups. Select from your favorite BackupBuddy remote destination (we recommend using your free 1GB of BackupBuddy Stash storage space).


The final step configures your backup schedules. Choose from 1) Starter (monthly complete backup + weekly database backup) or 2) Active Blogger (weekly complete backup + daily database backup)


That’s it! Once you have those four settings configured, you’ll be ready to save and make your first backup.

Watch the Video: BackupBuddy Quick Setup

Check it out live! In this video, Cory covers BackupBuddy’s new Quick Setup.

Additional BackupBuddy 3.4 Features & Enhancements

In addition to the new Getting Started wizard, BackupBuddy 3.4 includes these other features and enhancements:

  • Any Manual backup errors encountered will be displayed on the backup page for easier visibility with helpful information such as knowledge base codex links. More built-in help for common errors will be showing up over time to help with common issues.
  • Temporary backup process data is now stored a new way to help improve reliability on problem servers and help avoid interference from faulty database caching.
  • Additional advanced options for finer zip controls.
  • Multiple behind-the-scenes improvements on performance.
  • Many miscellaneous minor bug fixes or tweaks.
All current, licensed BackupBuddy users will find the BackupBuddy 3.4 update available from within the WordPress dashboard via Plugins > Installed Plugins. You can also download the latest version of BackupBuddy after logging in to the iThemes Member Panel (check out our free Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin for manual updates).




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