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Just Released: Coverage, A News & Magazine Child Theme for Builder


Introducing Coverage, a news and magazine child theme for iThemes Builder. Featuring a totally-new-to-Builder custom widget for displaying post content, Coverage was built and designed specifically with content-rich news and magazine sites in mind.

Check out the theme demo


Introducing the News & Magazine Custom Widget

Coverage’s News & Magazine Custom Widget allows you to display posts based on categories or tags in four different styles in any widget area on your Builder site.

Here’s how to set it up:

1. Once you’ve installed and activated Builder Child Coverage, you’ll notice a new custom widget in your list of available widgets from the Appearances > Widgets page.


2. Add this widget to any widget area.


3. Now, customize your News & Magazine Widget. Choose from four different styles (Default, Feature with Teaser, Single Feature, Mini Teasers), select a category or tag to display, choose the number of posts to show and the number of posts to offset (or skip).


4. All done! Now, you have a new way of displaying content in widget areas with Coverage.


Alternate Navigation Modules (with Mobile-Responsive Styles)

Coverage also features two alternate navigation modules, both with mobile-responsive styles.


On the front end, here’s how the Default navigation module renders in a simple grey box:


For mobile devices and browsers less than 500px, the Default navigation module automatically adjusts to simple menu that expands when tapped.


The Alternate module style is on dark, textured background (in this example, it’s located at the very top of the screenshot):


Again, for mobile devices and browsers less than 500px, the Alternate navigation module automatically adjusts to a simple, expandable menu.

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Building a Widget-Only Home Page: A Look Behind the Demo

The home page of the Coverage demo is a widget-only layout constructed with Builder’s Layouts and Coverage’s News & Magazine Custom Widget.

Here’s a look behind the specs of the Builder layout and the News & Magazine Widget settings we used to build the demo home page.


After creating this Builder layout, add the News & Magazine Custom Widget to each of the widget modules for this layout (denoted by their names, located to their right above), in this order, from the Appearance > Widgets page:

Widget Bar – Main Feature (1 widget area)

The Main Feature widget bar is a single column widget area using the Single Feature Style and displaying the Politics Category. On the front end, this widget area displays with the content on the left and the featured image on the right.

Widget Bar – 3 Column (3 widget areas)

Next up, we created a 3-column widget bar named, well, 3 Column. This widget bar uses the Default News & Magazine Widget style (in all three columns), again displaying the Politics category. For this widget area, we also offset the posts by 1 (to show the next post in the category). For the remaining two widget areas, we used the Tech and World categories.

On the front end, the 3 Column widget bar, using the Default style, renders with a smaller featured image above the title.

Widget Bar – 2 Column (2 widget areas)

For the 2 Column widget area, we chose the Feature with Teaser style for the widget, and displayed the Tech category. Because this style shows one main featured story with teasers for posts below, we chose to display 4 posts to show this style off.

Widget Bar – Mini Teasers (4 widget areas)

Last is the Mini Teasers widget area with 4 columns. For each widget area, we chose the Mini Teasers style with the Sports category. For each column, we offset the posts by 1, so each column would display a different post.

As you can see below, the Mini Teasers style displays a featured image thumbnail, the post title and the date the post was published.
That’s it! With Coverage’s News & Magazine widget, it’s pretty simple to change up the way your posts are rendered in widget areas.


Theme Download & Purchase Info

Coverage is available for purchase as part of the Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit. It’s also available as a stand-alone Builder child theme as well.

All current Builder Foundation Pack, Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and Toolkit members will find Builder child Air available now for immediate download from the iThemes Member Panel

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  1. Any chance the News & Magazine Custom Widget will be available as a Builder Block so it can be added to other Child Themes? I’ve done something similar on an existing site with LoopBuddy, but this would be a nice option to have as well.




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