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Get 5 Essential WordPress Security Tips in 7 Minutes

A few weeks ago, Chris Jean posted this in-depth blog post covering the recent WordPress security attacks. In his post, Chis outlined several ways to protect your site, so we created these 5 new tutorial videos covering everything from how to manually install WordPress to how to update your wp-config.php keys — all ways to help keep your WordPress site safe.

Check out the rest of our free WordPress tutorials over on the iThemes Tutorials hub. From WordPress 101 to advanced Builder CSS, we’ve got you covered with nearly 70 WordPress tutorial videos (and many more to come!).


  1. It might be of interest that we have recently published another plugin for strong authentication. It prefers usability to security so you can either login with a password or with one-time code.

    If you’re on a secure network, you may want to use just your password but open your smart phone when connected through an insecure WiFi (cafe, train, …).

    We tested it with a few smart phone apps: Google Authenticator, Pledge, DS3 OATH, AWToken so you don’t have to rely on Google completely.

    Try to search for S-CRIB OTP Authenticator in the list of WordPress plugins or directly http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/s-crib-otp-authentication/ .



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