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WordPress is 10 – Let’s Party!


This month, on May 27, 2013, WordPress turns 10 years old!

At iThemes, WordPress is our passion (as well as our livelihood) and so we wanted to take a moment to really celebrate such a significant milestone for this awesome software that makes publishing sites on the web so easy.

When I reflect on that enormous milestone for software, it’s hard, maybe impossible, for me to imagine a world without WordPress.

The world is a better place because of WordPress. (For examples of this, just think of all the super useful blogs and sites made possible because of it. But you already know this because you’re reading this.)

On top of that, this year iThemes celebrated 5 years in business and as you know, we’ve built our entire company around WordPress. Five solid years doing work almost exclusively with WordPress!

We’re still pinching ourselves that we get to work with WordPress each day, helping thousands of customers around the globe extend and enhance this beautiful piece of open source software through our products.

The 20+ people we have employed here full-time would be earning their living somewhere else if not for WordPress.

And through my years in the community, I’ve also met countless other people whose lives have been forever changed because of WordPress.

Here are some of my personal high notes with WordPress:

  • Switching my blog from Blogger to WordPress in 2006 (what a relief!)
  • Releasing my first free WordPress theme — Rockin Blue
  • Launching iThemes in January 2008
  • Going “100% GPL” in the summer of 2009
  • WordPress 3.0 version release — I haven’t been that excited about a release because he was a big step into pushing WP from just blog software to a CMS
  • Attending countless WordCamps and meeting users from all over the world, in addition to core team members like Nacin, Matt Mullenweg, Jen Mylo, Mark Jaquith, among many many others
  • The great lifelong friends I’ve made all because of WordPress, like Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Jason Schuller, Grant Griffiths, Brad Williams, Carl Hancock, Chris Lema, oh shoot, if I keep listing them I’m going to leave someone out like I already have so I’ll stop there!
  • And the awesome opportunity it has afford me and my family to work with the great crew we have at iThemes!

So what’s next for WordPress?

I hope another 10 years!

But if someone were to ask me my birthday wish for WordPress this year and beyond I’d say … Keep WordPress Simple.

Simple enough for me to keep using it … and for my mom, and the next generation of users who aren’t programmers!

I choose WordPress all those years ago because it was simple and easy to use. The inevitable challenge with software is bloat. Like many others in the community, I’m afraid it’s getting too heavy and overwhelming for users — the millions of people who were able to use it to get their thoughts, ideas, photos, etc on the web because of it.


Oh, we also wanted to celebrate in high fashion this month by offering a big discount on our awesome package of WordPress themes, plugins and training called the WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit …. everything you need to build virtually any site you want on the web!

Through May 27, 2013, the official WordPress birthday, we’re offering $100 off this the already heavily discounted Toolkit by use the coupon code WPTENTOOLKIT

AND 32% off everything else in our inventory by using the coupon code WPTEN32 when checking out.

Why 32%? All of the major WordPress versions have been named “in honor of jazz musicians we personally admire.” And Matt, our COO and talented musician, informs me that jazz music commonly uses 4 beats per measure. So 32 beats is 8 bars of 4, which is the perfect amount for a sweet little solo. So there you have it.


To celebrate WordPress turning 10, why not show your love for WordPress by writing a blog post on why WordPress rocks or how it has changed your life, helping someone get their first site or blog started on WP, proudly wearing your cool WordPress 10th anniversary swag around town, or hosting your own WordPress Anniversary party (or learn how to start a WordPress Meetup in your city).

Post your birthday wishes for WordPress in the comments below!


  1. Same wish here Cory. Keep WordPress simple.

    Over the past few years I have noticed WordPress struggle on the borderline of simplicity and complexity. Just like with any other CMS, complexity is easily obtained (and usually the downfall), but simplicity is the goal WordPress should strive for.

  2. We can only hope that wordpress stays as amazing as it already is. It is perfect for beginners and seasoned veterans to create amazing sites. Having spent thousands with developers it was truly inspirational to come across Ithemes a few years ago and get set on my wordpress journey. Now I won’t use anything else. Keep up the great work you guys and go WordPress.

  3. Hi. Is this coupon still available, I am interested on to buy the full toolkit with 32% off… please email me. Just arrived here today


  4. Can you please email me a simple to understand answer to this question?

    “Why should I go with WordPress (and specifically Builder) compared to other types of website formats and companies? (like 1&1.com or similar).”

    Thank you so much…and HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY!

    I’m eager to read your responce.

    C. Brown



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