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How You Can Help Oklahoma

Over the last couple of days, we’ve had so many amazing friends from all over the world email, call, text, chat, DM, tweet, Facebook, and post messages on our forum sending their love, thoughts and prayers for us and those affected by the recent tornadoes here in Oklahoma and just wanted to give you an update on us and how you can help.

First, our Oklahoma team members and family are safe and sound.

One of our team members though, Cody Smith, a theme designer (here’s a pic of he and I with our kiddos last weekend), was thankfully out of town yesterday but his house was a quarter of a mile from the path of destruction through Moore, Oklahoma. He is still waiting to hear word about potential damage to his house but the latest news we heard was that his neighborhood was in tact, but damage is unknown at this point. We will keep you updated through Twitter as we hear more about Cody’s house.

Additionally, our hearts go out to Jon Fisher, a local designer, we’ve known for a while now. His house was demolished by the tornado while he and his family were in the hospital with their infant son. He has been posting pics of the damage to Instagram here.

The iThemes headquarters is actually located in Edmond, Oklahoma, roughly 25 miles from Moore. Like most Oklahomans we were glued to the live radar and weather reports for the past couple of days, waiting to see if we needed to take shelter. But again, everything is OK with the iThemes gang.

Second, we love our city and our state … and like you, our hearts go out to all of those affected, not only in Moore, but across the state. And along with many others who are giving, iThemes will be donating $2,000 to the Red Cross today.

Third, because you’ve asked how you can help … we would love for you to consider doing the same. 

Here is a list of other ways you can give in addition to the Red Cross.

The easiest way to give is to text REDCROSS to 90999 from your phone to give $10 and help support tornado relief efforts in Oklahoma.

Click here to tweet this out!

Fourth, you are amazing. We have the best customer community and business friends ever. You aren’t just customers, you are family. I’m so thankful for you and who you are and that you care about us and the people we call neighbors here in Oklahoma City.

So, thank you for just being you!


  1. Giving, tweeting, and really happy you’re all physically safe. The other stuff can be fixed, replaced, or rebuilt. Hang in there, guys.

  2. I’ve been giving so frequently to the Red Cross in the past months and years, that I’ve finally just setup an account with them to make the process easier (not that it is hard anyway).

    Be strong Oklahoma, as I know you are.

    PS: I am a Red Cross volunteer as well — the call went out nationally for folks to travel to Oklahoma. No doubt many organizations are mobilizing as well.

  3. Good to hear you’re all ok at iThemes. Our thoughts are with all of your extended friends and family affected by this tragedy.

    WooThemes will match your $2,000 donation to the Red Cross.

  4. Glad you guys are safe. I looked around your site for several minutes trying to figure out what city you’re in before moving on to other tasks. Why the mystery on the Contact Page?



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