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How Has WordPress Changed Your Life?

WordPress has changed my life … and over the last 5 years of building a business on top of it, I’ve heard a number of similar stories.

From bloggers, designers and developers to small businesses and huge businesses, WordPress empowers people to easily stake their spot on the Web, to share their thoughts and ideas with the world, to market and sell their products and services and everything in between. (Of course it can do so much more!)

So with that and WordPress turning 10 years old this month … we’d like to hear your stories of how WordPress has changed your life in the comments below.


  1. Working with WordPress has given me the ability to work anywhere in the world. After school I decided to move to Norway, because my job allowed it. I’ve made incredible friendships, met my beautiful wife, am expecting a son and continue to love what I do every day and WP has had direct involvement with it all. I always wonder where I would be if I never took the WP plunge. Happy birthday WordPress! Wouldn’t want to be any where else.

  2. The opportunities that WordPress has provided me have given me a new career. My future(which was once filled with 3 hour meetings, cubicles, and strict IT policies on Windows XP and IE8) is so much brighter. I’m now surrounded by people who are truly excited about what they do. WordPress has also given me an avenue to strike out on my own as I start my freelancing business.

  3. WordPress has opened up a whole new career path for me – one I wouldn’t have even dreamt of when I was copywriting. Like Aaron said, it’s given me a new future. Who new an open source CMS could change your life?

  4. I first met wordpress as a 4th year in 2011. I was coding php in dreamweaver for a class project one day. Then a friend came over, and he was like, “why suffer, when there are platforms you can use, like wordpress”. and that is where my journey began. I got a job shortly afterwards, and I keep growing everyday.

    I’m thankful to the one who came up with such a brilliant platform. And happy birthday, wordpress!



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