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Go Behind The New Builder-Powered OklahomaRock.com


OklahomaRock.com, the latest custom iThemes Builder-powered work from iThemes Creative Services, just launched today!

This site is full of interesting solutions to some complicated problems, so join Ty Carlson, lead designer and dev for this project, for a two-part webinar later this week, June 6 and 7.

You’ll get a special look behind the design concepts, content architecture and layout, as well as how the site was developed using Builder and several custom post types. Part 1 will cover design decisions; Part 2 will cover the development in depth.

Register for the Two-Part Webinar

Part 1: The Design of OklahomaRock.com
Thursday, June 6, 2013
3pm (CDT)

Part 2: The Development of OklahomaRock.com
Friday, June 7, 2013
1pm (CDT)

We’ll “see you” there!


  1. Oh wow! iThemes is now advertising developing websites (Creative Services) with Builder? While that’s cool, I suppose, now that iThemes is a competitor, I should pull all the links down I have on my sites pointing to iThemes and Builder. Ugh!

    • Deb, the Creative Services team has a couple of functions … one is to showcase great sites on our products … and then to also help show how others can do cool stuff too … for instance, Ty is doing a free two-part webinar to show all the great work he did with this site so you can do so with your clients.

      I wouldn’t say we’re a threat to anything you and others are doing … the bulk of our work from Creative Services has been local to OKC as we’ve been asked for years to do projects like this and had to say no … we’re in Oklahoma and you’ll see that from the portfolio.

      • Thanks, Cory. Good to know.

        I love spreading the word about iThemes because the product is really great and support is incredible. When I have clients that want to learn how to manage their own sites, I always send them here.

        Best wishes always!



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