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Three Little iThemes Girls Who Care


Some days, you’re humbled beyond belief by the love and compassion of children.

In this case, it was the above pictured three little girls who decided to remind us of how to care for people, even the ones we don’t know …

Last Friday night, one of our developers, Glenn Ansley, who is based in North Carolina, was watching the live web stream from a local TV station of the latest round of severe weather we experienced in Oklahoma City to see how his coworkers here were doing. (The bulk of our team lives in the OKC metro and our office is in Edmond.)

Watching over his shoulder were his three young daughters who saw our plight and wanted to let us know they cared and were thinking about all of us.

So they decided to write us special notes and, uncoached by Glenn or his wife, took the money from their piggybanks and decided to give it to us to pass along to those affected by the recent tornadoes.

Pictured above, they are Grace, 6, Meghan, 5, and Claire, 3. 

In all, they donated $8.33. 

After talking with Glenn, we’ve decided to take that money and match each penny they gave with a dollar and donate it to Moore Public Schools Tornado Relief Fund (see details below for how you can too).

Thank you, girls, for reminding me (and us) about the human spirit! 

Here are the notes with translation from Glenn …



And of course I couldn’t help also sharing the sweet funny side of these cute, adorable, compassionate kiddos!


Join Them in Giving to Moore Public Schools

You can also give your own $8.33 from your piggybank to the Moore Public Schools Tornado Relief Fund (Source: Moore Public Schools Newsletter) …

Funds donated to the Moore Public Schools Tornado Relief Fund will be used to aid students, families and staff of Moore Public Schools who were impacted by the May 20, 2013 tornado. These funds will help remove the obstacles that stand in the way of teachers being able to teach and children being able to learn by providing them the basic educational materials and support they need. This could include, but not be limited to, things such as food, clothing, shelter, after school care, school supplies, classroom materials and student transportation to and from school related events.

Donate online through Fundly here. 

Or make checks payable to:

Moore Public Schools Tornado Relief Fund
1500 SE 4th Street
Moore, OK 73160

If you do, please let us know and take your own pic with your tongues out at us too and send it to us via Twitter or Facebook! :)



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