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WordPress Ecommerce Made Easier

WordPress Ecommerce

Today, we’re excited to announce a new project we’ve been working on quietly, but passionately for a long time now – iThemes Exchange.

Exchange is a FREE WordPress ecommerce plugin that will help you start selling digital goods online this summer.

It’s a first for us in a lot of ways … so I wanted to share with you the vision for iThemes Exchange, and why we’re rolling out our very own ecommerce plugin despite some good options that already exist:

1. Make ecommerce easier — You simply want to do one thing: sell your products and/or services online. But unfortunately ecommerce software, and in particular many WordPress ecommerce plugins, have a reputation for being overwhelming to those just getting started.

Simplicity, or rather uber-simplicity, is the core focus for Exchange. We’ve fought hard at every step of the way to ensure we’re designing ecommerce software that isn’t bloated or overcomplicated, but rather easy to use and intuitive, while being able to do what you need it to do, when you need to do it.

We are committed to making that process for you easier and easier for you … with your help and input!

2. Empower entrepreneurship on the web — one of the great rewards and joys of our business is helping people start and grow their businesses. Entrepreneurship is a personal passion of mine as well, and we have not only a great fondness for ecommerce but also some great expertise to share to take you and your online business to the next level.

Our hope is to continue to “make people’s lives awesome” by empowering you to sell your work online now with iThemes Exchange, just like we help you build great websites with iThemes Builder and protect them and your valuable work with BackupBuddy.

3. Partner with you to build the web together — Since 2008, as one of the first WordPress commercial shops, we’ve been focused on our customer community and walking with you every step of the way to accomplish your goals and dreams.

With 20+ team members, thousands of customers, hundreds of products and a proven track record over the last 5 years, iThemes is uniquely positioned to offer you the full range of services and support like none other. Offering you an ecommerce plugin services is a natural compliment to what we do already for you, from themes, like iThemes Builder, the ideal theme for building ecommerce sites, plugins, like our hit BackupBuddy, WP web design training at WebDesign.com to help you learn and grow to do more online, and our Creative Services division, for those who just want their ecommerce sites “done for them.”

In addition to our stellar support team, we have hired two veteran WordPress developers to champion this project, Glenn Ansley and Lew Ayotte. They are joined by our creative designer Brad Ulrich, who has painstakingly worked almost every element of the design experience for Exchange from the beginning and Justin Kkopepasah, our lead front-end developer, among others on our team.

Suffice to say … we’ve poured an enormous amount of energy, time and expertise on iThemes Exchange for you and we aren’t done yet.

So if you’re currently running an ecommerce site, building sites for others, or getting amped up to sell your products or services online … be sure to signup for the beta rollout so you don’t miss a single detail about iThemes Exchange.

In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be unpacking more about why we’re doing it, the core philosophies that have gone into making this plugin, and what exactly it is and the roadmap for it. So stay tuned!




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