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BackupBuddy 4.0: Part 1 – Individual File Restores

Our dev team has been hard at work on our summer launch of iThemes Exchange, but today we’re also really excited to announce a major BackupBuddy version update with some incredible new features. In fact, there are so many new features with this release, we’re breaking this announcement post up into two parts so we can focus on the major ones.


We think you’ll be most excited about BackupBuddy 4.0’s new individual file view and restore capabilities. It’s really amazing.

With BackupBuddy 4.0, now you can:

  • View a listing of files and directories backed up in backup archives (along with size and the date last modified)
  • View contents of text-based files (.php, .html, .htaccess, etc.)
  • Restore files to their original location (undelete or “roll back” a file)

How to View & Restore Files in BackupBuddy

To check this new feature out, visit the BackupBuddy Backup page from within the WordPress dashboard. Below the individual backup zip file, click the new View & Restore Files.


You’ll now see the new View Backup Contents page for the contents of that backup. This view also includes the file size, data modified, etc.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 4.43.09 PM

To view the contents of text-based files (.php, .html, .htaccess, etc.), click the View file “eyecon.”


This will activate the new file viewer.


If you return to the file list, the check boxes at the left of each file or directory can be used to restore. For example, this is handy if you need to revert back to an earlier stylesheet for your theme. Just select that file.


Now, click the Restore Selected button at the top of the list.


This will initiate BackupBuddy’s restore process.


Click OK and watch the restore happen…


All done! The last line in the status box will confirm that the file restore is complete.

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How to Update to BackupBuddy 4.0

All current, licensed BackupBuddy, Plugin Dev Suite and Toolkit members will find the BackupBuddy 4.0 update available from within the WordPress dashboard via Plugins > Installed Plugins. You can also download the latest version of BackupBuddy after logging in to the iThemes Member Panel (check out our free Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin for manual updates).

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  1. Awesome. This is going to make things much easier when media gets accidentally deleted… no more downloading, unpacking, re-uploading and re-associating!

    Question (and I realize this is a much harder problem): do you have any plans to make it possible to restore individual Posts or Pages from a backup set? It would require, I realize, unpacking to a temp DB instance and creating a whole UI for perusing and selecting the Posts… but it would be incredibly useful!

    Thanks again for creating a great, reliable product.

  2. I keep trying to update BackupBuddy but it keeps failing – it gets stuck at “Updating Plugin BackupBuddy (1/1)” and just hangs. Should I just delete the plugin and reinstall, without trying to upgrade it? I have upgraded other plugins today without issue.

    Thanks in advance, looking forward to trying to BackupBuddy 4.0!



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