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How to Import Your Tumblr Posts Into Your WordPress Blog

With Yahoo!’s recent purchase of Tumblr, a lot of people are jumping ship. However, if you’ve been very active on Tumblr, you don’t want to lose all your posts, right? There’s no need to worry!

WordPress makes it quick and easy to import your Tumblr posts into your blog!

To get started, you’ll go to Tools > Import.

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On that page, you’ll select Tumblr from the list of places available to import from.

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This will ask you to install and activate the Tumblr Importer Tool.

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To be able to actually be able to import your posts from Tumblr, they require that you create a Tumblr app. You’ll follow the link provided in the Tumblr Importer to go and create your app.

Screen shot 4

Once you’ve logged into Tumblr, you should see a Register application button.

Screen shot 5

In the form provided, all you’ll need to enter are an Application Name and a Default Callback URL. You can give the application any name that you’d like, but the Default Callback URL needs to be the URL of the site that you’re importing your Tumblr posts to.

Screen shot 6

Then you’ll click the Register button at the bottom of the form.

On the next page, you’ll find your OAuth Consumer Key and the Secret Key for your new app, both of which you’ll need back in the Tumblr Importer.

Screen shot 7

Once you’ve entered those keys, click the Connect to Tumblr button and then select the Authorize the Application link.

Tumblr will then ask you to authorize the app as well.

Screen shot 8

Once you’ve allowed that, you’ll be taken to a screen where you can select which of the author’s on your site you’d like to have assigned to these posts and then select Import this Blog.

Screen shot 9

Once the import is complete, you should see all of your Tumblr posts listed any other posts on your site.

Screen shot 10

The posts won’t have titles, but you can edit them as you would any other post, give them titles, adding featured images, whatever changes you’d like to make.


  1. Hello!
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
    I think there should be another way of tumblr to wp import, because the great bulk of users content consist of images and other media files, so it’s more essential to convert threm as well. I tried to do this with wp converter, but it didn’t work properly. But fortunately, I found the automated solution – cms2cms, it moves all the posts and images directly to wp and all this is done in a few minutes.
    Poor tumblr fortune:(



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