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Save Time By Using Style Tiles in Your Designs

Style Tiles are a way to create small snippets of design that convey the overall visual language of a website without having to mock up every single pixel of every page in Photoshop. With Style Tiles, you can quickly create differing iterations of the design and allow for more creativity and variations in your designs in half the time.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn more about Style Tiles and how to use them for your clients. You’ll see a real world example of a Style Tile mock-up then the final, finished product. You can even download these PSD template files to get started using Style Tiles in your designs today!

Download the PSDs

The idea behind StyleTiles was developed by Samantha Warren at Styletil.es. For more information about Style Tiles and to see more usage examples, check out Styletil.es.


  1. Thanks Ty! I briefly checked out Style Tiles before – this was helpful to see how I’d actually use them with a client.



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