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iThemes Exchange is Here!

WordPress Ecommerce
After months and months of hard work, testing, debating, discussing, fixing, building, building, building, and more testing … the day has finally arrived.

iThemes Exchange is here … and with it a new day for WordPress ecommerce.

Download it now and starting selling your digital products today.

Download v1


Simple ecommerce for WordPress

With Exchange, we had one goal: Make WordPress Ecommerce Easier.

With that goal in mind, here are some things about the Exchange launch I’d like to highlight for you …

Quick Setup

1-quick-setupAfter you activate Exchange, you are sent to a Quick Setup page which is the essential stuff for you to get started fast like accepting payments and emails for notifications … things we thought were often buried in a Settings page most often. We decided to put those front and center at your first step.

Custom Add Product Page

2-add-new-productWe decided to build it from the ground up rather than simply relying on the WordPress Post screen and slamming stuff in. That’s very deliberate and we expect some negative comments. But we did it because again, our goal is simplicity. Reviewing the plugins out there, it’s just flat out overwhelming to people just getting started with selling their stuff online.

Exchange Super Widget

We built a very robust, versatile custom widget also from the ground up that we think people are going to love. It handles Buy Now, Add to Cart, Cart Summary, Registration, Log in, and Confirmation views depending on the situation. When you see it in action, you see the beauty of it for customers on your site.

Get Paid with PayPal or Stripe

PayPal is a necessary evil and included for free by default … so people can sell their digital products for free, no purchase necessary with Exchange and PayPal. But we are also rolling out a Stripe Add-on and making an incredible offer to get people on a good payment gateway (with more payment gateways to come by popular request).

Solid Documentation and Video Tutorials

Our team has been hard at work recording videos, taking screenshots and writing the first wave of documentation to help you when you have questions.

Get Live Help

To get you started off on the right foot we’re offering 5 free 30-minute “Getting Started with Exchange” webinars for the WP community. Signup for one of these webinars which includes live chat for Q&A today.

The Future of iThemes Exchange

This is just the beginning.

Although we’re launching version 1 to help you sell your digital products, we’re not stopping there. Our vision for Exchange is to be a fully featured ecommerce powerhouse that you can use to sell virtually anything you want from memberships to physical products and much more.

In the coming months, we’re going to be releasing more payments gateways, new add-ons to let you do more and sell your products and services online.

… all with the same goal of making WordPress ecommerce easier.

iThemes Exchange is OUR future. It syncs so well with our WordPress themes, BackupBuddy and other plugins, our training division, and just who we are and what we’re about.

So we’ve invested many months of time and energy getting to today and I couldn’t be more excited about it for the life of our 5 year old company and amazing, passionate team who have worked tirelessly to offer this to the WordPress world. (You can read more about why we are doing Exchange here.)

Exchange represents the biggest collaborative project we’ve taken on in 5 years — involving multiple developers, themes designers, and many more from the iThemes team.

A year ago, I’m honestly not sure we could have tackled this big of a project. But as we got closer to today, we realized we have all the right people in place, and it was indeed the right time to do this in a big, big way for you.

Having said that, we know we’re not finished! Not even close and that’s the exciting part.  Our dream list is big. But we need your help and input to improve the WordPress ecommerce experience for you!

So here’s what I’d like to ask ….


  1. This is a great move by Cory and the iThemes team. For many years I’ve had to rely on a mash up of WordPress ecommerce plugins that are totally bloated with stuff I don’t want my clients to be confused with, or they have simply force me to develop within a restricted wordpress theme framework with limitations.
    iThemes has changed my business and supported me in becoming a better web designer already, now I can rely on iThemes to partner with me to develop better ecommerce sites for my clients.



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