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The Ecommerce Roadmap: Where is iThemes Exchange Headed Next?

In just over a week, iThemes Exchange, our new ecommerce plugin, has over 2,000 downloads and we’re starting to get some great questions, requests and reviews of it.

If you haven’t taken it for a spin, you can download Exchange here.

But I wanted to take a moment and answer one key question we’ve gotten: Where is Exchange headed?

Our goal for Exchange is to offer the complete ecommerce enchilada!  That allows you to sell digital products (available in v.1), memberships, services and physical products.

We rolled out version 1 with digital products, like ebooks, music and templates, but we’ve had specific requests for memberships and physical products and are eager to get those into the wild SOON!

Thus the biggest features we are currently at work on:

  • Physical Products — including flat rate shipping, basic taxes, VAT (for EU) and product variants
  • Memberships / Subscriptions — including recurring payments, content protection, member management and drip content.

I’m hopeful to be able to share those new features in the coming months. So stay tuned!

We’re also working on other great features and add-ons to help you sell your stuff online like:

  • Themes — I’m so stoked for the themes from just our team in the works for you including iThemes Builder specifics ones and a free theme based on the upcoming 2013 theme, among others. And we’re working with other theme developers to roll out even more design options for you.
  • MailChimp Add-On (coming this week) — to hook your MailChimp account with your store to email customers updates, offers and other news.
  • More Payment Gateways — We started with PayPal Standard (free) and Stripe (paid) … but we know you want more. So please take a moment and vote on your preferred payment gateway here.

Shape Where Exchanges Goes

Because Exchange is a brand-new project, you can be a part of shaping where it goes while growing with it!

So we need to hear from you.

You can request a new feature here and check out our public roadmap to vote on other features.


  1. Thanks Cory. In view of WooCommerce and the recent changes in Woo’s policy, many of us who are on WooCommerce are already looking for alternatives, especially if we’re planning to build or own multiple ecommerce stores.

    Where would ithemes exchange come in?

    p/s: Would suggest changing the name, as it’s hard to rank “exchange” on Google. perhaps iexchange or we-xchange or something?

    • Hey Leo, in the next month, we’ll offer the bulk of the product types for full on ecommerce sites, including physical products (with shipping) and membership sites, with more on the radar.

      So our aim is to provide the tool to allow you to sell all your stuff — physical products, membership sites, digital products and more — simply and easily online. :)

      Hope you’ll join us for the journey!

      • Thanks! That sounds good =) As for shipping, will you have something similar to table rate shipping by WooCommerce?
        Already running on 40 odd extensions by Woo, and that table rate shipping is crucial for physical products =)

        • We’re working through all of that right now but the goal is to offer the complete solution for physical products and shipping. How long that takes is another story. We have our work cut out for us in ecommerce, but we’re investing this for the long haul. All that being said, it’s really good to hear the particular needs so we learn and then build what our community wants most.



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