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5 New Reasons to Check Out Exchange

Since the July 8 launch of iThemes Exchange, our new ecommerce plugin for WordPress, we’ve been busy on the next round of features, add-ons and themes.

Our goal with the launch was to iterate fast on things you requested and that’s what we’ve done with these new rollouts. We have some core values and philosophies — namely to make ecommerce easier — that we wanted to offer you but then let you tell us what you want so we build the solution you need and will use.

Just two weeks ago we told you where Exchange is headed: Physical Goods and Memberships.

You can also see the iThemes Exchange Roadmap here and vote on features you want next!

Today we’re rolling out Exchange v. 1.1 with some great changes you can learn about here.

And with it, here are 6 new reasons to check out iThemes Exchange:

1. Stripe Payment Add-on is now FREE

We love Stripe. So much so that we had numerous discussions internally about including it for free as part of the Exchange launch, but decided instead to make it super cheap at launch.

But after a couple of weeks, we can’t help ourselves … we want everyone (at least for now in the U.S. and Canada) to experience the beauty of Exchange and Stripe working together to sell your digital products, so it’s now free.

Our one request is to go through our customer membership system for automatic updates here.

2. Five New iThemes Builder Themes for Exchange

Our theme team has been working hard on rolling out some new themes specifically styled for Exchange. We realized after launch that we needed to make some fairly significant template changes. (Read more about those here.)

But that set back the release of some theme specifically styled for Exchange. So I’m happy to say we now have 5 iThemes Builder themes ready for you and have bundled them in a limited time only deal.

They are:

Get these 5 themes for the price of 1 theme until Aug. 20, 2013.

3. MailChimp Add-on

We love MailChimp and we have highly leveraged it in our community for updates and sales. Now you can do the same with Exchange and MailChimp together.

With the new MailChimp Add-on, you can encourage your customers to sign up for e-mail updates when they register or make a purchase.

Just enter your MailChimp API key and choose which MailChimp list you want to use. It’s as simple as that.

4. EmailBuddy Integration

The latest version of EmailBuddy, our email newsletter plugin for WordPress, includes new integration with Exchange. Now you can use your Emailbuddy pre-made lists for Exchange subscribers.

From the EmailBuddy Settings page, just enable Exchange subscription to lists. Customers will then be given an option for them to subscribe to your EmailBuddy emails.

5. Simple Taxes Add-on

One of the core features we wanted desperately to launch with was simple taxes. However, it didn’t make our launch timetable and we’re now including it as a free add-on in Exchange for you.

Just enable the Simple Taxes Add-on and apply a default tax rate. We’ll do the math for you.

By the way, we’ve heard you … and you have many diverse requests … right now, we know you need more advanced taxes for the various countries and tax rules and it’s on our radar for you but let your voice be heard here on what you need exactly.




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