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Exchange 1.1.0 is Out

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we were making some major changes to the Exchange theme templates. In addition to these changes, we’ve also added a some new Add-ons, integrated Exchange with Emailbuddy, added five new theme customized for Exchange, and (best of all) made the Stripe Add-on FREE! Read more about these details on Cory’s post.

As you can see, we are working hard everyday to make Exchange better. Here’s what you will find when updating to 1.1.0.

Simple Taxes

This core add-on is simple and easy to use. You pay taxes, so you need to charge taxes and this core add-on allows you to do so.

Bug Fixes

Let’s face it, bugs will always exist in code; but rest assured that when we find them, we squash them. Here are some we squashed with 1.1.0:

  • Fixed broken confirmation page when set as a WordPress page type.
  • Fix error where template file name is printing at bottom of shortcode pages.
  • Corrected typo in PayPal Secure Wizard settings
  • And More…

New Templates, Action Hooks & Filters

This is probably the most important feature for this update as we made major changes to the theme templates in order to please two parties: Theme AND Add-on Developers. This is a vital update for Exchange in order to enable new features (including the new taxes core add-on).

One of the major additions is hooks & filters. These hooks & filters make it easy for add-on developers to add custom features (like taxes) to the nearly every element of an Exchange theme.

For example, when an add-on developer needs to add an element to the cart totals (like taxes), they can use the ‘it_exchange_get_content_cart_totals_elements’ filter to add elements to the loop. Very simple and no hard coding necessary!

We’ve also added documentation about these new templates on the codex and we are currently working on documenting everything you need to know about creating your own custom theme for Exchange; including how to used the Exchange Theme API.

Support for Deprecated Templates

If you’ve made custom changes to your current theme using the deprecated templates (version 1.0.3 and below), you can add this code to revert to using those while you update to the new templates.

add_theme_support( 'it-exchange-deprecated-template-parts' );

Remember, updating to the new templates is highly recommended. Otherwise add-on developers will not be able to extend Exchange the way they can with the new templates.

If you have any questions, feel free to start a discussion below.



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