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Get Your WordPress Hosting Questions Answered by the Experts

The state of WordPress hosting is one of the chief concerns we have for our customer community and our business as we make the tools — themes and plugins — that run on other people’s hosting products.

Honestly, it’s typically a fight that we often lose … one side blames the other but we’re always open to working with hosts. But no one wins, especially our mutual customers unfortunately.

Since releasing BackupBuddy in March 2010, we’ve had a real brutal introduction to this reality and have been fighting to change it ever since by establishing relationships with key hosting providers.

That’s why I’ve really appreciated our friendship with Site5 and in particular CEO Ben Welch-Bolen and COO Tom Sepper. We have a great relationship to work out problems for our mutual customers and one of the reasons we highly recommend Site5 for WordPress hosting (shared or VPS). (See more reasons why we recommend Site 5 for WordPress hosting here.)

Ben has gracious offered on several occasions now to do live Q&As with our community via webinar. In fact we just had one last month.

What impressed me is that he answered with honesty and openess the hard questions … and then offered his veteran expertise of all things hosting for the various other questions that came in.

So today, we’re announcing some more cool things to help you learn about WordPress hosting from our friends at Site5.

1. A new WordPress Hosting Forum manned by the Site5 team

With our new forum, you can ask questions and get them answered by the Site5 team. And I’m pretty sure you’ll get some answers directly from Ben.

Please know though … it’s not guaranteed and it’s not support or a replacement for it through official channels at Site5 or your own hosting company. It’s a free service offered by a great team sharing their expertise for questions around WordPress hosting and I’m super excited about it.

As with anything we do and knowing you do this anyway, we ask that you play nice and be nice and polite in the forums. That’s just asking you to be the great community you already are though.

OK, now click here to post a question to the WordPress Hosting forum.

2. Another Q&A webinar on WordPress Hosting with Ben Aug. 15

Signup for another free educational webinar with Ben and get your questions answered live. On the last webinar, the questions ranged from “what’s the difference in VPS and Dedicated and which one should I pick” to “What are some tips for reselling hosting to my clients?” and the always thorny one of, “What is overselling and why does everyone do it?”

Register for the free Q&A webinar here.

And yes, we’ll be recording and posting the webinar.

In both cases: You ask the questions. Site5 fields the answers.

And this time … YOU WIN.




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