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BackupBuddy 4.1 Adds sFTP Support, Big Updates to Remote Destinations


BackupBuddy 4.1 is out and with it a major update to the Remote Destination-related functionality, including overhauls of Dropbox and Amazon S3 integrations, to make it easier and better for you to store your backups offsite. 

Additionally, we’ve added the much requested sFTP (currently in beta) destination so now you can send files to sFTP destinations (FTP over SSH) for secure file transfers to sFTP servers.

Many of these additions, improvements and enhancements have come directly from customer comments and in an effort to make your lives awesome!

We’ve been seeing customer sites are getting larger and larger these days with the increase in media, large downloads, etc., so the destinations were starting to see more bottlenecks with size. These improvements to the destinations, especially with the addition of chunking in Dropbox and S3, should help alleviate problems related to that.

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Quick Overview of 4.1

  • This update focuses primarily on the Remote Destinations system with major feature additions, enhancements, and bug fixes to it, including the addition of sFTP as a destination.
  • Remote Destination performance across all destinations has improved, as well as robustness and convenient features such as display of file transfer speeds.
  • Ability to view individual log files per file transfer for troubleshooting from the “Recent Transfers” tab on the “Remote Destinations” page.

sFTP integration:

  • sFTP (currently in beta) destination added. Now you can send files to sFTP destinations (FTP over SSH) for secure file transfers to sFTP servers.

Dropbox integration:

  • Updated Dropbox destination added for users of PHP v5.3 or newer.
  • Significant improvements including no more 150mb API limit.
  • Significant memory usage reduction.
  • Multi-part chunked file transfers to Dropbox for sending larger files in pieces.

Amazon S3 integration:

  • Amazon S3 library updated for improved performance.
  • Adds S3 support for multi-part chunked file transfers to S3 for sending larger files in pieces.
  • S3 files are automatically set to be encrypted upon arrival to S3 with AES256 encryption for added security in the S3 cloud.

New Updater / Licensing System

Other notes

  • Improved compatibility for extracting / restoring individual files from within a backup ZIP file to better support more servers with better performance.
  • Lots of minor improvements through both BackupBuddy & ImportBuddy, tweaks, and enhancements throughout.
  • Misc. minor bug fixes.

If you don’t have BackupBuddy, go get it today!


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