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10 Reasons to Choose Stripe for WordPress Ecommerce

Stripe has quickly become our favorite way to accept credit cards online. Although at the moment, at iThemes, we’re still using PayPal for our payments, we’ve grown to love Stripe.

With a rapidly expanding list of countries it’s available in, along with tight integration with iThemes Exchange, our WordPress ecommerce plugin, it’s quickly become the de facto way to accept payments online.

Here are 10 reasons to love Stripe for WordPress ecommerce:

1. All-in-One Solution

Stripe serves as a payment gateway and merchant account in one. Stripe handles it all. No need to hunt down multiple solutions.

2. Seamless Checkout

Stripe offers a lot of options for a seamless checkout: Build a custom payment form, use an embedded checkout or use third party integrations. PCI compliance is easy: use SSL (https not http). Stripe handles the rest.

3. Fair Pricing

You’ll pay just 2.9% + $0.30 per charge. That’s a pretty common price, so you’re getting a fair deal. Plus no extras: No setup fees, no monthly fees, no validation fees, no refund fees, no card storage fees, no charges for failed payments, no fees on transfers to your own bank account. The only fees they seem to have are $15 for chargebacks (a standard fee, though on the lower side for the industry) and a small charge if you’re sending payments to third-party bank accounts.

4. Get Your Money Automatically

Each day’s charges (minus fees) are automatically deposited in your bank account seven days later. Stripe doesn’t sit on a big pile of your money.

5. Flexible Payments

Stripe has all kinds of recurring payments to automatically charge your customers—subscriptions, memberships, metered billing, event-based payments, etc. No matter what service you’re offering, Stripe can probably handle the billing.

6. Easy and Elegant

Stripe is easy to use, easy to set up, easy to test and looks good doing it. They’ve got a beautiful design that creates a simple and elegant experience.

7. Happy Devs

Developers love Stripe. They’ve got a detailed API and wrappers in Ruby, PHP and Python, making it a dream come true for developers. How happy are the devs? In their FAQ, Stripe encourages you to see what developers are saying by linking to a Twitter search for “stripe” and “API”. That’s bold.

8. Solid Documentation

Stripe’s site is packed with loads of FAQs, tutorials, API libraries, documentation and all kinds of support questions. They don’t offer phone support—on purpose—but they go out of their way to answer questions and explain things up front.

9. Going Global

Although you can accept payments globally with Stripe, one complaint about it is that they’re not global for merchants—yet. Stripe is currently available for merchants in the U.S., Canada and the UK. They just added the UK in August, so they’re actively expanding. Stripe is also available as beta in Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands, and that global list is changing all the time.

10. Free for Exchange

The Stripe Payment Add-on for our Exchange ecommerce plugin is FREE. We planned on charging for it, but we couldn’t help ourselves. We wanted everyone to experience the beauty of Exchange and Stripe working together. So it’s free.

Score. With Stripe!

Go Get the Free Stripe Add-on For Exchange Now


  1. I started using Stripe to collect on invoices a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I especially enjoy not having to remember to transfer my money. I just sit back (read: continue working on projects) and let the money roll in.

    • James, that’s great to hear … we have to transfer money regularly, manually from PayPal which is a pain. But the beautiful, elegant experience from Stripe is so awesome, we hope we can make the move soon.

  2. Your motivation toward Stripe is very timely for many. Thank you.

    You mention “Build a custom payment form”. How difficult/easy will that be for a non-developer? Is there a direction that you could please give me here?

    I am working in WordPress, and neither PayPal nor WooCommerce can do the shipping part right. I have decided to move out of this audacious monopoly asap.

    Thanks again.



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