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6 Ways to Finish Strong in 2013

Well, it’s the first week in September, which for most of us means the end of our summer breaks — the professional’s equivalent of “going back to school.”

Every summer for the last 5 years, we see a dip in activity on our site and support forum, which we attribute to the warm summer months that most of our community and us share.

Think about it: would you rather be in front of a hot computer … or out in the sun?

It’s historically been a time for vacations and rest and relaxation with your loved ones. We know this because the “out of office” auto reply emails come in waves during the summer months.

But with summer coming to an end, and kids going back to school, for me it signals a mental shift that subtly says, “OK, let’s get back to work.”

So with that … I hope you got some rest and recharged your batteries for a great couple of months before the end of 2013, and to offer a coupe of ideas of how to make the most of your renewed energy!

6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Summer Break

  1. Review your goals for 2013 –– you have about 4 months left in 2013 to accomplish the goals you set for yourself earlier this year. See where you are and how far you’ve gotten. Then regroup and finish strong with the time remaining. Ask: What can I accomplish in the next 4 months that’ll make the most difference in pursuing my hopes, dreams and goals?
  2. Audit your current sites — in light of what you’ve learned in the last year, visit all your sites and see if they need a refresh of design or copy or important updates to WP. What skills have you learned you didn’t have when you built those sites and can now implement on them? How can you incorporate your knowledge growth into revamping those sites? Additionally, this is a great time to do some quick security audits and take some simple measures to protect your sites.
  3. Start a new site — think about some of the ideas you’ve had for new WP sites and consider implementing those dreams and plans now. I’ve always felt like the quicker I started on my hopes and dreams the more momentum I can build for them. And if you’re like me, rest and relaxation means recharging and a rejuvenation of creativity. Starting new projects also allows you to use the skills you’ve learned in a practical way.
  4. Evaluate your skill set — speaking of skills, if you’re not learning something new, you’re withering and dying. Take inventory of your current skills, rate them, and see which areas you can improve. Then look for new areas to learn and grow, and explore and expand your skills to do more and do better. We have two free online workshops coming soon to help you, including Introduction to WordPress Web Design (Oct. 1-2) and WordPress Ecommerce Summit (Sept. 25).
  5. Evaluate your tool set — as you get back to work with full energy and focus, consider the tools you’re using — from hosting to themes to plugins and everything in between. What things do you need to help you do what you do quicker and better? Is there a change in workflow you’ve needed to do, or a new tool you’ve been waiting to buy that’ll make all the difference for you?
  6. Start thinking about 2014 — yes, I know 2013 isn’t over yet, but it’s already time to be looking ahead so you can build the momentum. What have you learned so far this year that you’ll want to implement next? What new opportunities have surfaced that you can double down on?

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