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Accept Recurring Payments Online Now with iThemes Exchange

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A new Add-on for Exchange has just been released that we’re excited to offer to our community: Recurring Payments.

The Recurring Payments Add-on allows you to sell a product once and collect payments monthly or yearly with auto-renewing payment periods. This is really useful for subscriptions, dues, invoices for professional services or recurring donations.

If you’re a WordPress web developer, you can use this to do ongoing billing (like your monthly retainer or coaching services) or to offer recurring payment options to your clients for their own products or services.

Accept Recurring Payments Online with Exchange

1. To get started using the Recurring Payments Add-on, get your 2 site or Unlimited Sites license. After purchase, upload it to your WordPress site via Plugins > Add New.
2. After uploading and activating, you’ll see Recurring Payments in the list of Enabled Add-ons.


3. Now, from the Add Products page, you’ll see a simple selector in the Exchange product price field. Use the drop-down to select the product payment cycle length.
4. Click the icon to toggle auto-renewing.


Recurring Payments Settings

The Recurring Payments Add-on also includes settings for customizing notification emails for “Recurring Payment Cancelled” and “Recurring Payment Expired.”

1. To customize the text of these emails, visit the Exchange Add-ons page and click the settings icon.


2. From the Recurring Payments Settings page, you’ll see the editor to customize each of the notification emails.


Enter the email text (HTML is accepted) and take advantage of shortcode functions like:

  • [it_exchange_email show=name] – The buyer’s first name
  • [it_exchange_email show=fullname] – The buyer’s full name, first and last
  • [it_exchange_email show=username] – The buyer’s username on the site, if they registered an account
  • [it_exchange_email show=sitename] – Your site name
  • [it_exchange_email show=login_link] – Adds a link to the login page on your website

Purchase and Download Info

The Recurring Payments Add-on is available in 2 site or unlimited site license packages or as part of the Exchange Pro Pack or Plugin Developer Suite.

The Recurring Payments Add-on requires Exchange 1.3.0 or higher as well as the v. 1.1.0 of the Stripe Add-on (if using Stripe as your payment gateway). The Recurring Payments Add-on is compatible with both PayPal (included as an Exchange core add-on) and Stripe.

All current Exchange Pro Pack, Plugin Developer Suite and Toolkit Members will now find the Recurring Payments Add-on available to download after logging into the iThemes Member Panel.
Get the Exchange Recurring Payments Add-on


    • Hi Craig,

      When the customer clicks the link to cancel their subscription, they will be taken to PayPal where they will cancel the subscription. Once it’s canceled in PayPal, they will receive the cancelation email you create in the Recurring Payments add-on and it will show that they canceled their membership on their purchases page.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions.



  1. (1)Is this plugin adding subscribers to an autoresponder list and does it automatically remove them from a paid subscriber list once payment is cancelled.
    (2) Is it possible to export list of paid subscribers as CSV

    (3)Can you use bot stripe and paypal together



    • Hey JJ,

      The Recurring Payments add-on doesn’t add users to an auto-responder list. We do have the MailChimp add-on and the EmailBuddy plugin both of which allow your users to subscribe to your email lists. EmailBuddy and MailChimp both allow you to export lists of your subscribers.

      You can run both Stripe and PayPal on your site if you chose, though we typically recommend selecting only one payment gateway to use.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions.



    • Hi Nigel,

      Neither of those are options at this time. These are things we’re considering for future releases, but are not in this current version.



  2. When the payment comes due again on the defined cycle period, does the plugin initiate any reminder or notification emails to the customer either before the due date or after the payment is made?



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