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Start a WordPress Membership Site with iThemes Exchange

Want to start a membership site using WordPress? Introducing the Membership Add-on for iThemes Exchange, a new way to sell membership access with protected content on your WordPress site.

Content Access + Member Experience
(+ Simplicity)

Membership sites are all about access—and the member experience. As with all things Exchange, our main priority with the Membership Add-on was keeping it simple.

We’ve made it easy to add multiple membership products, protect content based on membership, delay (drip) individual content items and add members-only digital downloads.

We’ve updated the Exchange Setup Wizard now to include the Membership Product type. If you’re new to Exchange, you’ll see the Setup wizard immediately after installing Exchange.


Adding a Membership Product

After activating the Membership Add-on, you’ll see the Add Membership page in the Exchange menu. The Add Membership page is composed of six sections: Product Title, Description, Images, Content Access, Product Files and Advanced (settings).


Protecting Content + Delay Access (Drip)

Protect your WordPress posts, pages, categories, tags, custom post types and more, based on membership status.

In the Content Access section, select the type of content (posts, pages, post types, categories or tags). After adding a Content Access rule, the selected content will only be available to customers with this membership.

Delayed (drip) content rules are also available for individual content items (like posts, pages or post types). This makes it easy to release “drip content”—or content that becomes available in sequence daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Think of this like taking a traditional university course or class. Lectures or reading assignments are unveiled daily or weekly as you progress through the material.

content access

Digital Downloads

Want to include protected downloadable files like ebooks or podcasts with a membership purchase? Use the Product Files section to upload or add URLs for files.

digital downloads

Member Dashboard

The Membership Add-on takes advantage of Exchange features to customize your member experience, including a built-in member dashboard with pages for account, profile, downloads and more.

To customize the Welcome Message that will be displayed in the dashboard of your members, click the Advanced button to expand the editor and add your message.


Integrated Add-ons

The Membership Add-on is also designed to work with other Exchange add-ons like Recurring Payments, Digital Downloads and MailChimp. With these add-ons, you can enhance your membership site with auto-renewing payments, include digital downloads and give your customers the option to subscribe at checkout to your Mailchimp newsletter lists.

    • Recurring Payments (reg. $80) is included free with any Membership Add-on purchase. This makes it easy to charge monthly or yearly renewing memberships.


  • Digital Downloads (included free in Exchange core) – the Digital Downloads Add-on is enabled by default after activating the Membership Add-on. (See Digital Downloads section above.)
  • MailChimp ($30) – Allow your members to easily subscribe to your MailChimp newsletters during checkout.

Walkthrough Webinar, Oct. 14 @ 3pm CDT

Want to see how easy it is to set up a WordPress membership site with Exchange? Join us for a free walkthrough webinar Monday, Oct. 14 @ 3pm CDT. We’ll walk through the Membership Add-on specifics like installation, adding membership products, protecting content and more—plus an overview of the new Simple Shipping core add-on in Exchange 1.4.
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Purchase & Download Info

Note: The Exchange Membership Add-on requires Exchange 1.4 or higher. You can download Exchange for free here.

All current Toolkit, Plugin Dev Suite and Exchange Pro Pack members will now find the Exchange Membership Add-on available in their member area. Additions like the Membership Add-on (reg. $150) are another great example of how we add value to your membership throughout the year.

The Exchange Membership Add-on is available in 2-site or unlimited site licenses or bundled with the Exchange Pro Pack, the Plugin Dev Suite or the WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit.

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  1. Hi, both exchange and this plugin look great. Just two quick questions: Is it possible to make it a requirement that people purchasing a membership have to supply a full billing address, regardless of payment method? And can users update their address / payment details down the track? I am currently building a website for a club that has annual memberships and they would like their members to be able to maintain their info themselves.
    Thanks, Chris



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