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Using LESS and a Minified Stylesheet in Builder Theme Base

Here at iThemes, we always focus on users when building products. Whether it’s creating layouts simply, keeping your site backed up with a few clicks of a button or opening an online store, each product is built with the user in mind.

While this approach works perfectly for our goals, I wanted to build a theme for both users and developers—something that leverages tools we have today that we can use regularly to create new, awesome designs and themes.

Introducing Base, a New Builder Theme

Two developer-focused features set Base apart from other Builder themes, including the use of LESS and the option for a minified stylesheet.


base and lessLESS allows developers to code CSS more quickly and efficiently. You can learn more about LESS here.

For a developer, this tool is useful for taking Base and customizing it into a fully designed site or custom Builder Theme.

Each LESS file is broken down to cover the essentials for both web design and Builder specific styles, giving developers much more control over how they design and develop web sites.

Even more beneficial is the ability to edit the LESS files on a live site without breaking anything for visitors, because LESS only loads if you are logged in and have the capability to edit themes.

LESS can be enabled by using a simple action filter:

add_filter( 'builder_base_enable_less', '__return_true' );

Minified Stylesheet

If you’re like me, you serve a minified version of your stylesheet on your site. Now, with Base, the option to serve a minified stylesheet is as easy as adding another action filter.

add_filter( 'builder_base_enable_minified_styles', '__return_true' );

This feature allows developers to give end users some control over styles. For example, if I enable minified styles for a client and created a child theme for that client, the client could then add styles to the child theme’s style.css file without the worry of accidentally deleting any of my core styles. Keep in mind that we are assuming the the child theme’s stylesheet is empty (except for the necessary header information).

So, if you are a developer looking for something beyond our normal Builder Themes, I encourage you to give Base a try and let us know what you think.




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