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Announcing iThemes Sync: Manage Your WP Updates From One Place Easily

One of the reasons I love WordPress is that I can literally come up with a new blog or site idea and spin up a WordPress site in minutes and start offering my content or products to the world.

The downside is though …. if you’re like me and have at least 6 of these different sites to manage, not to mention those you do for other people, you know the chore it is to update them all when new updates to WordPress or your site’s themes or plugins come out.

This is even compounded for those who build and maintain sites for clients!

So today, I’m excited to announce our latest project — iThemes Sync, a super easy way to update your WordPress sites — including updates for themes and plugins — all from one place.

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Since 2008, we have sought to be your indispensable partner for all of your WordPress web design needs. We help you backup, restore and move WordPress, build beautiful yet functional sites, sell your products and services to the world on those sites, and now … update them easily in one place.

After a couple of months of dreaming, planning and hard work from our team, we’re delighted to offer iThemes Sync as a special gift to our iThemes customer community.

With this launch, you can manage up to 10 sites for FREE today with iThemes Sync.

What do you have planned for it?

A ton, but we want your input and feedback to better serve you. One of our core values is to launch with good products and see where and how they serve our customers best — and iterate and improve constantly.

iThemes Sync is no different.

So with this version, we wanted to get iThemes Sync in your hands to start managing and updating your sites with it today.

But we have more planned for it that includes more advanced integration with our products in particular and some things that will make your life easier as you manage your entire online empire for yourself and others.

We have the iThemes Sync Feature Request form where you can submit, vote and comment on features you’d like to see in future version of iThemes Sync.

How much does it cost?

Another core value we hold is to seek to overdeliver in everything we do. And today, your purchases as part of the iThemes customer community, just got more valuable …

Our iThemes Sync initial offering is free for up to 10 sites for every active iThemes customer account. That means if you have an active subscription to one of our products, you can manage 10 sites for free with Sync today.

Need more than just 10 sites? Got a bunch of personal or client sites you need to manage easily? We’ll be rolling out details for those plans very soon. But we want to make it easy AND affordable to do so.

How do I start using iThemes Sync?

If you’re an active iThemes customer, login to your custom Sync Dashboard here, where you can download the Sync plugin and find the Quick Setup tutorial.

Login to try Sync

With the rollout of iTheme Sync for you, I’m seriously stoked about the future as we help you build your online empire and the web TOGETHER!


  1. This sounds exciting! But can be dangerous also if forgetting to test after the updates. Normally I do one update at a time checking basic things in between to make sure nothing obvious breaks.

    It would be nice if individual plugins updates could be reverted to the previous version.

    What do you guys do after updating to make sure things are still working? I usually keep a test protocol for each site with manual tests to go through testing the major features of the site.



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