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New Guest Checkout Core Add-on in Exchange 1.6

Exchange 1.6 is here with a new core add-on: Guest Checkout. The Guest Checkout Add-on gives customers the ability to checkout as a guest without registering.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.42.14 AM

After updating to Exchange 1.6, visit the Add-ons page and enable Guest Checkout.


After enabling, you’ll be redirected to the Guest Checkout settings page.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 9.11.49 AM

Select Yes or No from these options:

  • Make Guest Checkout the default method? This will overwrite the value for Default Form in General Settings.
  • Show log in link? Selecting ‘No’ will remove the Log in link from Registration and Guest Checkout forms.
  • Show registration link? Selecting ‘No’ will remove the Registration link from Log in and Guest Checkout forms.

Click Save Changes to save your Guest Checkout settings.

On the front end of the site, guests can now checkout without having to create an account or log in to the site.


Download Exchange Now

To take advantage of the new Guest Checkout Add-on, download Exchange 1.6 now or update straight from your WordPress dashboard.

Download Exchange 1.6


  1. After entering the email in the guest checkout Stripe overlay pops and ask for email again. Is there a way to populate the Stripe form with the email.

    Also with multi item checkout I would think there should be a continue shopping button.

  2. this is really a great addition, I am an internet marketing consultant here in Australia and I can tell yo that the guest checkout feature seriously increases conversions. Sometimes we get too wrapped up in building a list that we forget how busy people are and the less steps for someone to buy the quicker it is for them and the more enjoyable the experience is and thats what its all about. Great update guys keep up the good work.



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