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New Product-Specific Coupons in Exchange 1.7

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to add coupons for specific products in your WordPress store, Exchange 1.7 is here with an update to the Coupons add-on: new product-specific coupons.

Enabling the Coupons Add-on for Exchange

The Coupons Add-on is an Exchange core add-on that can be enabled from the Add-ons page. After updating to Exchange 1.7, make sure you have the Coupons Add-on enabled.


Adding a Product-Specific Coupon

From the Exchange menu in your WordPress dashboard, visit Exchange > Coupons.

On the Add Coupon page, you’ll now see an option to limit to a specific product with a drop-down of your Exchange store products.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 10.45.24 AM

After adding the coupon name, code, amount (percent or dollar amount off), start and end date and setting coupon limits (if any), click Save. Your coupon will now be available for customers.

Vote on New Features for Exchange

Product-specific coupons had the most votes on our Exchange Public Roadmap. Be sure to check out our roadmap and vote (or add) your feature requests.

Download Exchange 1.7

To start using product-specific coupons, download or update to Exchange 1.7 now.

Download Exchange 1.7




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