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New Sync Dashboard Features: Show/Hide, Unsync, Site Sorting & More

The iThemes Sync Dashboard just got an update that includes some great new features, making it even easier to manage all of your WordPress sites from one place.


Overall UI Update

With the addition of these new features, we’ve updated the UI to display available actions for each of your synced sites. This update to the UI includes a new open/close site details button, as well as the addition of a new icon representing the actions a user can take per site. Hovering this icon will show the list of actions available for that site.


Hide/Show Sync

Sync users now have the ability to hide the Sync plugin from the WordPress Dashboard. This new feature was highly-requested from our freelance web designers and site managers that didn’t want clients to see Sync installed on the site. The action is as simple as clicking Hide Sync in the settings drop-down and Sync will no longer be visible from the WordPress Plugins page or from Settings > iThemes Sync. To show Sync again, just click Show Sync.


If a user deletes the Sync plugin or deletes an entire site without first unsyncing their user on that site, the site will still be visible in the Sync Dashboard. For this reason, we added an option to unsync the site from the Sync Dashboard side. Simply click Unsync from the actions list, and after a confirmation, the site will be unsynced and removed from your Sync Dashboard.

Site Sorting

With a larger list of synced sites, it can be cumbersome to scroll down to view which sites have available updates. We added a simple sorting feature that will move sites to top of the list based on which sorting option you choose. Ex: selecting the “Updates Available” button will move all sites that have updates available to the top of the list for quick access.


Add Your Feature Requests to Our Roadmap

We would love your feedback on how we can continue to improve iThemes Sync to give you the best experience for easily managing your WordPress sites from one location, so visit the iThemes Sync feature request page to send us your ideas. You can also view the Public Roadmap for iThemes Sync and vote on features here.

Oh, also—BackupBuddy integration is coming. We’re working on it! So keep trying Sync.

Set Up Your 10 Free Sync Sites

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