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WP Security Expert, Plugin Developer Chris Wiegman Joins iThemes

chriswiegmanmugshotSecurity has always been an essential aspect of the web. But in the past couple of years, it’s become an increasing issue on the web and, in particular, for the WordPress community.

For the past couple of years, the amount of hacked WP sites we’ve seen and heard about has risen dramatically (mostly caused by outdated WordPress sites out there despite having automatic upgrades available). The amazing growth and popularity of WordPress has made it a big target for hackers, even despite WP being a model of security.

And it’s been such an issue for our customer community that we’ve been very intentional to offer resources to help like live training, blog posts, videos, tutorials, helping as we can on the forums, and more.

Today, though, I’m excited to announce that we have taken a huge step further in helping you lockdown your sites with the hiring of WordPress security expert and plugin developer Chris Wiegman

With Chris’ arrival at iThemes, it means we can now offer our customer community the benefit and peace of mind from knowing we have our very own WP security expert in-house to help us with all we do.

His first order of business is to get started on our very own premium security product for WP that will help proactively protect all your sites, to be released in the very near future. We are also taking over ongoing development and maintenance of Chris’ uber-popular plugin Better WP Security, which has over 1.2 million downloads to date.

With this move, we want you to know we’re continuing to reinvest in building the most innovative set of utility tools for WordPress to help you build your online empire.

Now at iThemes, you have a trusted partner for WordPress security, to go alongside our lineup of existing WordPress solutions for backups, ecommerce, maintenance, design and training.

As someone said recently, we’re as dedicated as ever to building the complete ecosystem of WordPress solutions just for you. And today, we just made a big investment in helping you protect yours!


Check out this Q&A post to learn more about Chris and watch his first iThemes webinar, “Introduction to WordPress Security.”


  1. perhaps the smartest move you guys have made in a long time. I offer wordpress security to local business owners and even I was surprised by how out of the loop these businesses are.

    I am not necessarily a fan of security plugins because in my experience these have been poorly supported overall and in most cases befuddle even more the average wordpress user with hieroglyphic interfaces and developer level knowledge requirements.

    WP security is not difficult, just tedious so if Chris can improve the user experience so its less of a Rubics cube worthy of an oxford educated mathematician then I am all in.

    welcome to the team Chris and i expect great things to evolve here.



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