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Increase Conversions with the New Customer History Add-on

Introducing the new Customer History Add-on for Exchange, a new third party add-on for Exchange developed by Brian Richards.

With the Customer History Add-on, you can now review and then optimize visitor paths to improve your sales process and increase conversions. You can also get to know your top referrers and even the search terms customers used to find your site.


  • View customer browsing history: See every page the customer visited, in order, prior to completing a specific transaction on your site. Timestamps, total time on page and total total elapsed time are included.
  • View referrer source: See the site that referred your customer prior to making a purchase.
  • View actual lifetime customer value from a specific transaction detail: Each customer’s purchase history data is already available in several different places within Exchange, but the Customer History Add-on adds this information to a specific transaction detail.
  • Admin email notifications: This add-on automatically includes customer history information as part of the admin notification email sent with each completed transaction, making the data easily available to you no matter where you are!

How to Use the Customer History Add-on

1. Upload and activate the Customer History Add-on via Plugins > Add New. After uploading, there is no configuration necessary. The Exchange Customer History Add-on will automatically start logging your customer’s browsing history with their completed purchase.

2. To view this history, navigate to the completed transaction details available on the Exchange > Payments page. Click the Details link under a payment order number.


3. For this specific payment detail, you’ll now see a new section for Customer Browsing History prior to making this purchase. This new section provides information about the referrer, URL, timestamp and time spent on each page.


A note about privacy:
This plugin only knows about the site that referred your visitor and the pages that they view within your site prior to making a specific purchase. No personal or identifying data is ever gathered in any way. The only data stored is the URL of each viewed page within your site, as well as a timestamp of when each page was accessed.

Download and Purchase Info

Many thanks to Brian Richards for his work on the Customer History Add-on for Exchange. As a third party add-on, the Customer History Add-on is available for purchase in 2-site or unlimited sites licenses.

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