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Manually Add Payments with the Manual Purchases Add-on for Exchange

The new Manual Purchases Add-on adds the ability to add manual purchases to your Exchange store payment records. This new feature makes it even easier to manage customer accounts and purchases made through your Exchange store.

How to Use the Manual Payments Add-on

Method 1: From the Exchange > Payments Page

1. The Manual Purchases Add-on creates an Add New button to the Exchange > Payments page. Click Add New.

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2. From the Add Manual Purchase page, you’ll now be able to add a purchase by first selecting an existing customer (by username) or by adding a new customer.


3. Select products you wish to add to their account and enter the total paid.

4. Click Submit. All done! This product and payment will be added to your customer’s account.

Method 2: From Customer Data

You can also access manual payments by clicking on a specific payment detail, then viewing customer data.


From the Products tab, click the Add Product(s) button.

Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 2.27.37 PM

You’ll now see an Add Manual Purchase box to select the product, total paid and purchase note to this specific customer.


Download and Purchase Info

All current Pro Pack, Plugin Dev Suite and Toolkit Members will now find the Manual Purchases Add-on available for download in their Member Panel.

The Manual Purchases Add-on is available for purchase as part of the Exchange Pro Pack, the Plugin Developer Suite and the Toolkit.
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