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Ecommerce for Nonprofits: Donations, Events & Sales

Ecommerce isn’t just for the big boys. Ecommerce is also for nonprofits. Nonprofits of all shapes and sizes can make use of ecommerce. That’s why we created our Exchange ecommerce plugin. We want to empower all kinds of organizations to make money online.

Let’s look at three areas where ecommerce for nonprofits can work: donations, events and sales.


Your nonprofit needs donations and ecommerce can help. It might be tempting to go with a simple donation link or a third party service like Network for Good. But an ecommerce solution can give you more control and more options.

Adding your own ecommerce donation solution to your site has several big time benefits:

  • Better Branding: By owning the experience, you can boost your branding. You want donors to remember your nonprofit, not someone else. When you control the donation process, your name shows up on credit card statements.
  • More Income: When you control the experience you can keep more of the donation. Any third party service has costs above and beyond the standard credit card fees, but if you control the process you can choose the setup that works best for you and keep more of each donation.
  • More Options: It’s your store, you can do what you want. Encourage recurring giving, offer membership, add a newsletter signup. You could even create a gift catalog or do free offers. It’s up to you.


Another big area for nonprofits is registration and ticketing for events. While you don’t need an entire ecommerce solution to do events—you could always use services like Eventbrite—it’s better to own your solution. Just like donations, you can have better branding, keep more of the money for yourself and have more options.

It’s easier than you think. All you have to do is create products for each event. For smaller events you can put all the details on the product page. Use the Featured Video add-on to showcase your event.

You want people to come to your event, so don’t send them to another site. Keep it simple.


This is one area few nonprofits consider, but you can always sell stuff. What stuff? If you have a blog, letters from the field or any kind of written content, you could create an ebook. If you do events or have speakers you could sell DVDs or access to a video library. You could offer membership for access to a host of resources.

These kinds of resources can be a valuable asset and a way to add additional income streams. Even if you give some of this content away for free in other mediums—blogs or YouTube videos—there’s still value in gathering it and bundling it as a single product. People are willing to pay for that. Your supporters especially would be willing to pay for that.

It’s a good way to take advantage of your content and create new income.

Make Ecommerce for Nonprofits Work

Donations, events and sales are just three simple ways nonprofits can take advantage of ecommerce. Make it happen with Exchange.



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