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New Features and Improvements in BackupBuddy 4.2

The latest version of BackupBuddy includes a ton of new features and improvements for the user interface, backup and restore/migrate, backup profiles and more.

Here’s a recap of the updates included in BackupBuddy 4.2:

User Interface

  • Updated entire BackupBuddy user interface to support WordPress 3.8’s new MP6 styling, look, and feel.BackupBuddy-dashboard
  • Contextual help has been added to all BackupBuddy pages. Check out the Help tab on the upper right of BackupBuddy pages to display additional help and information, including links to BackupBuddy Support and Knowledge Base.backupBuddy-help-dashboard
  • Simplified the BackupBuddy WordPress dashboard menu by removing the Getting Started page (now available from the Backup page).Backup Getting Started
  • Schedules page updated for better usability, including a new Twice Weekly backup interval option.backupbuddy-scheduling

Backup & Restore/Migrate

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.27.49 PM

  • Simplified backup listing using backup date & time as primary listing criteria.
  • Backup details now displays start and finish times of the overall backup process.
  • Added File Size to Recent Backups listing.
  • Improved instructions on Restore / Migrate page.



  • Profiles are now configured on the Backups page instead of the Settings page for easier configuration.
  • Profiles allow customization of what is backed up when each backup type is run. This is useful for backing up smaller sections of the site at once or backing up frequently changed files or database contents more often without having to back up everything each time.
  • New beta backup profile type of Files Only for more easily backing up specific sections of files.

Server Tools Page


  • Added BackupBuddy directories (backup storage, logs, temp directory) to Server Tools URLs & Paths page.
  • Mass Database Text Replace Tool now available on the Server Tools Database tab for mass replacing text such as URLs in the database.


Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 3.29.54 PM

  • Setting Default base database tables to backup now include a new None option.
  • Backup mode (Modern vs Classic) setting now applies to both manual and scheduled backups for enhanced server compatibility.
  • Added additional checks and warnings for verifying exclusions of database tables, paths, and files do not get accidentally excluded without notification.


  • Enhanced scanning of potential problems on import such as incompatible configuration files such as custom php.ini configurations.
  • Ability to view a CRC hash of backup files to verify they are not corrupt added.
  • Mass database text replacement tool now available in ImportBuddy via the top menu bar for mass text replacements on existing WordPress installations, such as updating URLs within the database.

Remote Destinations

  • Amazon S3 library updated for better performance when sending to Amazon S3.
  • Amazon S3 now supports setting the geographical region for any new buckets that are created by BackupBuddy.
  • Amazon S3 destination now supported Reduced Redundancy storage class for cheaper storage.
  • Backups stored on Amazon S3 may be copied back to the site or directly downloaded to your computer from the S3 management page.
  • FTP Destination path browser added for easily browsing remote FTP paths for easier setting up of an FTP destination.
  • Emails sent to an Email destination now include the site URL in the subject of the email for convenience.
  • From the Remote Destinations page you may hover over each existing destination & select to manage remote files at the destination.
  • Stash option added to limit number of backups of the Files Only type.


  • Added Quick Release Updates setting to the bottom of the licensing page. Enabling this option allows the site to receive automatic update notices for product quick releases (releases that do not have automatic update support by default).
  • Added command line support via WP-CLI < http://wp-cli.org > for initiating backups via the command line or other automated means.
  • More strings localized for better translations.

How to Update to BackupBuddy 4.2

All current BackupBuddy customers will find the BackupBuddy 4.2 update available for download from the iThemes Member Panel for manual updates. For faster and easier updates, we recommend licensing BackupBuddy for automatic updates straight from the WordPress dashboard.

To save even more time (and from logging into each site individually), update all your BackupBuddy sites from one place by using Sync — free for 10 sites for all current BackupBuddy customers.


Update BackupBuddy using Sync


  1. I’ve been using this version for a little while now. Great new look and feel.

    And most importantly it works!



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