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Hide Member Content With Shortcodes – New in Exchange Membership Add-on

The latest version of the Exchange Membership Add-on (our WordPress Membership plugin) now includes a new feature — the ability to display member and non-member content on the same WordPress page or post. By using new built-in (and easy-to-add) shortcodes, you now have the option to have both protected and non-protected content on the same post or page, so you can show certain portions of your content and hide other parts from non-members.

How to Use Member Content Shortcodes to Hide Your WordPress Member Content

1. After updating to v. 1.0.18 of the Exchange Membership Add-on, you’ll see the new Member Content button above the post and page editor.


2. To hide a certain portion of the content from non-members, highlight the text you’d like to make members only, and click the Member Content button. You’ll now see a dialogue box to select the membership levels you’d like to give access to the content.


3. Select the membership level and click Insert Shortcode. The shortcode will then automatically be added to the content area around the highlighted text.


Double-check that the shortcode is “around” the members only text. It should be formatted like this:

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.01.35 PM

On the front end of your site, members of the selected level will be able to see this content, while this section will be hidden from non-members.

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 3.13.11 PM

Start Your WordPress Membership Site

To start your WordPress membership site, get the Membership Add-on for iThemes Exchange. With the Membership Add-on for Exchange, it’s easy to:

  • Sell multiple membership levels from your WordPress site
  • Protect page and post content based on membership level
  • Delay (drip) individual content items to members
  • Add members-only digital downloads

For more info on getting your membership site set up, check out Start a WordPress Membership Site with iThemes Exchange.

All current Membership Add-on, Exchange Pro Pack, Plugin Dev Suite and Toolkit members can now update to v. 1.0.18 of the Exchange Membership Add-on.


  1. Is there a method of hiding menus for different membership levels? I’d like to show a different Main Menu for guests vs. members.


  2. Hi there, I have similar question to Tigre.

    Q1. Is there a way to show a different menu items based on the purchased membership?

    Q2. Also is there a way of displaying a message (eg. This page contains member only content, buy your membership here.) for non-member who is looking at a page or post with a member only content?

    In other words, if I hide part of a page with the shortcodes, can I display a specific message for a non-memeber?

    I took the free version of Exchange for a spin and really liked it, just want to make sure that the above is possible with the Membership add-on, before making the purchase.

  3. @Tigre @Peter: There is a plugin called Nav Menu Roles that can show menus based on role or if someone is anonymous or logged in. afaik Exchange can’t equate a role to a membership level/product – if it could, then one could use Nav Menu Roles to make even more specific menus for members.



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