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Selling E-Learning on WordPress Just Got Easier

Today we’re pleased to introduce the LearnDash Add-on for Exchange, a free third-party integration for Exchanged developed by the LearnDash team.

LearnDash is a Learning Management System (LMS) for selling e-learning courses from your WordPress site. With the LearnDash Exchange Add-on, you can now easily sell online courses with Exchange, giving your customers a convenient and user-friendly purchase experience. After purchase, your customers are automatically enrolled into your course(s) of choice and the learning can begin.


  • Easily map a product to a course: When creating your product, simply select the course you want to associate with the product from the Advanced menu under the “LearnDash” tab.
  • Associate one, or many, courses: You aren’t limited to just one course per product. Offer your customers discounts for buying courses in bulk by associating as many courses as you desire to your Exchange product.
  • Multiple ways to purchase: Direct your users to your Exchange store, or allow them to read the course description on the actual course page. When your visitor clicks the “Take this Course” button on the LearnDash course page, they will be taken to your product page for purchase.
  • Intelligent purchase button: Associate just one course to a product and your visitor will be taken to the product page when clicking on the “Take this Course” button. If you have more than one course association, they will be taken to your store.
  • Works with any Exchange payment gateway: Choose any payment gateway for selling your course and the Add-on will enroll the customer into the course.

How to Use the LearnDash Add-on

1. Download, install and activate iThemes Exchange.

2. Purchase and activate the LearnDash plugin.

3. Download the LearnDash Exchange Add-on from the LearnDash support site. Once downloaded, upload the integration via Plugins > Add New. After uploading, there is no configuration necessary. The integration will create a new “LearnDash” menu option under the Advanced menu when creating an Exchange product.

4. Once you publish a product with an associated course, the integration will place the “Take this Course” button on the LearnDash course page.


Download and Purchase Info

Thanks to the LearnDash team for their work on this Exchange Add-on. This Add-on is available for free to all LearnDash customers. To purchase the LearnDash plugin, please visit the LearnDash website.


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    I would like help installing my ithemes exchange plugin with learndash. Does ithemes offer customised support for this for a fee?



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