1. Thanks for the writeup Kevin. I’m so excited about the upcoming version that I might have to start leaking screenshots. Of course it is on GitHub if anyone really wants to check it out now so maybe I don’t have to.

  2. There is one more plugin named hide my WP which is available from codecanyon.The best thing about hide my wp is that you can change the login address of your WordPress.

    Better wp security is another great plugin,good explain of every bit of details about this free plugin.

  3. Hey, regarding no. 5
    5. Change the Content Directory
    … what if this was NOT a new site –– BUT after doing this within the plugin, the webmaster simply got in the FTP and moved the linked files where they would need to be.

    Is it as simple as that?
    I’ve done some something like that with the media folder (making a new media uploads folder >> THEN, needed to go back and move all the files that had been uploaded in the past to the NEW location)

    • The issue with existing sites is the links stored in to media in the database, namely in the posts. Conventional wisdom would ask why we don’t just update them too but the issue is, with so many sites using WordPress, what happens if you link to something in someone else’s wp-content folder? Or, what happens if your shared host runs out of resources while processing 1000s of posts? The problem is there is no good reliable way to make certain changing links won’t break existing content.

      That said, there are a lot of ways you could tackle this manually but many are simply out of reach for most site owners.

      • So does that mean that this plugin can be used on existing sites, but it might break upload links? Or that that upload issue is significant enough that it should only be used on new sites?

        And what about the very different way that multisite stores uploads? Will this plugin work in a multisite environment?

  4. Always interesting stuff to read, to get updated … although I’m already doing the most of it with Better WP Security plug-in or Word Fence. Allways difficult to choose between.

    But reading “Better WP Security plug-in is currently free” and “Download Better WP Security now for free” does that mean we have to pay for it in the near Future? That would be a bit dissapointing?


  5. So after using Better WP Security to fortify a site, I tried to migrate it using Backup Buddy — but got all kinds of errors. So it seems they are not compatible!??

  6. I downloaded, and successfully installed and updated a few sites. However, one of the sites “went away”. I did do a backup before doing anything, so now how do I use that backup to get the site back.


  7. I love Better WP Security (BWPS), but I have this issue.

    I used the plugin to enable SSL for the Admin backend. Of course, this was added to wp-config.php.

    define( ‘FORCE_ADMIN_SSL’, true);

    Later, I decided to un-check the box in BWPS and changed the command line above to:

    define( ‘FORCE_ADMIN_SSL’, false);

    However, the backend is STILL being served over HTTPS. That wasn’t the intended outcome. How can I ensure that even with the command being set to false the backend is served over plain HTTP?



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