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Sneak Peek: Sync + BackupBuddy Integration is Coming

We’ve been hard at work on an amazing new iThemes Sync dashboard update that features BackupBuddy and BackupBuddy Stash integration that’s slated for release soon.

Oh, and as a bonus — the new Sync dashboard will also allow you to remotely activate and deactivate plugins on your Synced sites. It’s also fully mobile-responsive to make it easy to manage your WP sites on the go.

Sync + BackupBuddy & BackupBuddy Stash Integration Features

With the new Sync Dashboard, not only will you be able to easily manage theme and plugin updates for your WordPress sites, you’ll also be able to manage BackupBuddy tasks, including:

  • Make BackupBuddy backups of any Synced site using backup profiles
  • Download your latest backup zip files
  • View your active backup schedules, active profiles and destinations
  • Manage/view BackupBuddy Stash storage for each Synced site
  • View, download and delete Stash backups

New Sync Dashboard Home

Check out the new Sync Dashboard home. From here, you’ll be able to see each of your Synced site domains, plus quick links for Sync action options like logging into the site directly, refreshing the site, updating all available updates, hiding Sync and unsyncing the site.


Individual Site View

The View Details link from the dashboard takes you to the individual site view. This view includes new Sync module sections to manage plugins, manage themes, Show/hide Sync and for BackupBuddy.


The BackupBuddy module includes the number of site edits since your last backup, plus a link to download your latest backup file. From here, you can even manually run a backup.

More BackupBuddy Actions

To see even more BackupBuddy actions from the Sync dashboard, click the BackupBuddy tab at the top of the individual site page. From this screen, you can run a backup, but also view your current active backup profiles, destinations and your backups sent to Stash.


New Sync Stash Dashboard

From the navigation on the left you can click My Stash to view your new Stash dashboard. From here, you can get a visual of your current BackupBuddy Stash storage usagedownload each backup file that’s been sent to your BackupBuddy Stash account from your Synced sites, and delete these backup files from your Sync account.


Bonus: Activate and Deactivate Plugins Remotely

In addition to BackupBuddy integration, the new Sync dashboard includes the ability to remotely activate and deactivate plugins and themes from the Sync Dashboard.


Visit any theme or plugin module from a Synced domain and select the plugin or theme you’d like to activate or deactivate.

Fully Mobile Responsive, Y’all

Last, but not least — the new Sync dashboard is completely mobile responsive. So if you need to run an update, make a backup or deactivate a plugin on the go, just log in to the Sync dashboard and perform any of these tasks quickly and easily.


Stay Tuned for the New Sync Dashboard Release Next Week

We’ll keep you posted about the new Sync dashboard release via email, Twitter and here on the blog. We’re really excited for you to take it for a spin— and that Sync will make managing all your WordPress sites so, so easy.

And don’t forget to go set up your Sync sites — 10 sites are free for all current iThemes customers.

Login to the Sync Dashboard



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