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6 Reasons To Manage All Your WordPress Sites with iThemes Sync

Today we’re rolling out some significant updates to iThemes Sync, our WordPress productivity tool that helps you manage your entire WordPress network efficiently from one place.

You can read the full feature list that rolled out today here (or login to Sync here), but for this post, I want to hit the highlights about what iThemes Sync can do for you.

Our customer focus this year is to Go Far Together — by helping you protect your online work, prosper in that work and be productive doing it, so you can do more (or less) and fulfill your dreams online.

iThemes Sync is a central component to helping us fulfill that aim for you in those three areas:

  • Productivity – Sync is designed to be the ultimate productivity and efficiency tool for you to manage your WP empire. We want it to be your primary tool for managing sites fast and easily. As such, we’re making a significant, ongoing investment to make it that ideal tool with three developers on the project.
  • Protect – The simplest, easiest thing you can do to protect your online work is to keep WordPress and your themes and plugins updated. Sync helps you do that for ALL your sites in one place.
  • Prosper – Whether you’re a freelancer managing multiple client sites, or a power user building and maintaining your online WP empire, Sync is about efficiency and productivity so you can have more time to do the things that’ll make you money. And of course if you’re managing sites for clients, you could also sell maintenance packages for that service using Sync. (We hope to share some ideas on that front specifically very soon.)

So let me give you some six compelling reasons to get all your WordPress sites setup with iThemes Sync today:

1. Make and view backups with BackupBuddy remotely – You specifically asked for BackupBuddy integration with Sync and we got on it. We knew this would be a hot item and something we wanted to offer the BackupBuddy community. We’ve got some initial BackupBuddy actions in Sync with more coming as we iterate on them for you. You’ll also notice you can manage your backups in iThemes Stash (our own off-site backup storage option that gives you 1GB of free space) right from Sync, including being able to download and delete backups.

2. A brand new, redesigned Dashboard or Control Center – The beautiful, new Dashboard you’ll see when you login to Sync has been in the works for over two months. We had dozens of conversations, mini-debates, and iterations to give you something that made your life easier. As always, we welcome your input on how to improve it even more. We hope this shows you we’re committed to building professional software for WordPress that helps you be more productive.

3. Update your sites from your phone – The Sync Dashboard is now mobile-ready so you can update sites right from your iPhone or Android device. I love the thought of being able to check my sites from an OKC Thunder game or on a treadmill. And we’re in the works with a native iOS app to make it even easier to update or check on your sites when you’re not at the desk.

4. What’s next is even more exciting – The short-term goal is to have all of our key products fully integrated with Sync, like our upcoming iThemes Security plugin (lockdown all your sites from one place), iThemes Exchange (check your product sales from all your sites in one place), and deeper and deeper integration with BackupBuddy (imagine setting backup schedules and profiles for all your sites in one place). Not to mention Uptime Monitoring, Basic Reporting and Notifications coming soon!

5. iThemes Sync is a bargain — For active iThemes customers, Sync is free for up to 10 sites. Simply login to Sync with your iThemes member information today. If you need more than 10 sites, we have super affordable plans to help you get all your sites in Sync.

6. We’re listening and building this for you – We’re not done with Sync. Not even close. This is just the second big round of new stuff we’re pushing out to you. Like everything we do at iThemes, we want to be sure to listen to what you’re saying and needing, then get to work building and releasing new features that solve your problems. We have an active iThemes Sync Roadmap here where you can vote on new stuff and you can request new Sync features not listed here.

OK, so there are 6 new reasons to go get your WordPress sites setup with iThemes Sync.

Now go take a look at iThemes Sync and get your sites setup today!


  1. Very excited to hear about this direction for your products as it is a business approach I was looking into. What I’ve hard from some other designers though is that they say support for websites is a money losing proposition since customer service time eats up so much time.

    I’m sure others have figured this out but would like to know how.

    • Bob, hey, it’s all about managing expectations in my opinion and doing / offering what’s right for you and your business.

      As a freelancer (and now at iThemes), I seek to make sure both sides knows what’s being purchased (and delivered) to avoid getting out of scope.



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