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New! Make Remote WordPress Backups with iThemes Sync + BackupBuddy

iThemes Sync

The new iThemes Sync dashboard is officially live with a beautiful UI redesign plus new (and amazing) integration with BackupBuddy, our WordPress backup plugin, and BackupBuddy Stash, our off-site storage destination for your BackupBuddy backups.

Sync’s new BackupBuddy integration includes the ability to make remote WordPress backups for all your BackupBuddy sites — giving you one central location to keep your sites backed up and updated.

Sync + BackupBuddy & BackupBuddy Stash Integration Features

With the new Sync Dashboard, not only will you be able to easily manage theme and plugin updates for your WordPress sites, you’ll also be able to manage BackupBuddy tasks, including:

  • Run remote backups using your full, database and custom BackupBuddy backup profiles
  • Download your latest backup zip files
  • View number of edits since last backup
  • View your active backup schedules, active backup profiles and destinations
  • Manage/view BackupBuddy Stash storage for each Synced site
  • View, download and delete BackupBuddy Stash backups

Make Remote Backups From the Redesigned Sync Dashboard

The new iThemes Sync dashboard has been totally redesigned with a new Sync home page. From the Sync home page, you can get a quick look for each Synced site domain, plus new individual site pages loaded with more management options.

From the new iThemes Sync dashboard home, you can now make remote backups of any Synced site that has a current version of BackupBuddy installed.

Click the arrow on the right side of the screen to expand the Quick Look — which includes new Backup Now buttons.


Individual Site View & The BackupBuddy Module

From the Sync dashboard home page, the View Details link next to any domain takes you to the individual site view which includes a new BackupBuddy module section. 

This section includes a link to download your latest backup file and, from here, you can also manually run a database or full backup.


View Number of Site Edits Since Last Backup

Sync’s BackupBuddy module includes the number of site edits since your last backup. This visual is a great reminder to make a backup, since edits can really stack up if you’re blogging daily or updating pages frequently on your site.


More BackupBuddy Actions

To see even more BackupBuddy actions from the Sync dashboard, click the BackupBuddy tab at the top of an individual site page. From this screen, you can manually run backup, but also view your current active backup profiles, destinations and your backups sent to Stash.


Sync’s New BackupBuddy Stash Dashboard

From the navigation on the left you can click My Stash to view your new BackupBuddy Stash dashboard.

From here, you can get a visual of your current BackupBuddy Stash storage usagedownload each backup file that’s been sent to your BackupBuddy Stash account from your Synced sites, and delete these backup files from your Sync account.


Bonus: Delete, Activate and Deactivate Plugins & Themes Remotely

In addition to BackupBuddy integration, the new Sync dashboard includes the ability to remotely activate and deactivate plugins and themes from the Sync Dashboard.


Click Manage Themes or Manage Plugins from the individual site view and then select the plugin or theme you’d like to activate, deactivate or delete. You can also use the bulk actions to update, activate, deactivate or delete multiple plugins at one time.

Mobile-Responsive for WordPress Backups On the Go

Finally, the new Sync dashboard is completely mobile-responsive. We know you don’t always have your laptop with you, but that shouldn’t stop you from checking in and keeping your WordPress sites up to date and backed up. So if you need to run a backup from the gym or your couch, just log in to the iThemes Sync dashboard and perform any of these tasks quickly and easily.


See the New iThemes Sync Dashboard Features in Action

Check out this video to see all the great features included in iThemes Sync:

Save Time & Hassle — Try iThemes Sync!

We’re really excited for you to try the new iThemes Sync dashboard, so go check out the new WordPress remote backup features. Go set up your Sync sites today — 10 sites are free for all current iThemes customers.

Login to the Sync Dashboard


  1. Excellent work folks really outstanding, just what I’ve been looking for. I can’t believe it the work you have just saved me is massive. Thanks


  2. I have always being a fan of your products, but this implementation really makes the whole thing so much neater, thanks guys!!


    Diretor and Lead Developer

    Atoms and Bits Limited

  3. Hi,

    Question, if I purchase the upgrade to 25 sites does this mean I can manage 35 sites because of having the free 10 sites with being a BackUp Buddy customer?

    • Hi Martin, great question. Sync plans can’t combined, so if you have the 10-site plan and upgrade to the 25-site plan, you can manage up to 25 total sites, not a combined 35 sites.

  4. Is there a way of re-storing a corrupted live database from one of the myStash backups automatically or do they need to be downloaded etc via PhpMyAdmin etc?


  5. Does Sync send out emails to let me know what needs updating. That is a huge plus for ManageWP. I can handle uptime notification myself, but not having to go to the dashboard at all, is very helpful.

  6. Great Products with a good price too. This saved me a lot of time and efforts . Managing WP plugins updates and backup is fun now!

  7. This is plain awesome. iThemes rocks! I trust the quality of every plugin you guys put out. I couldn’t have built all my client sites without your help. Keep the great products coming. I’m finally going to test out the exchange plugin. I’m sure I’m going to be blown away. BTW – You guys should buy out Gravity Forms. That’s really the only plugin you guys are missing.

  8. Huge fan of iThemes… and now I am a “HUGER” fan- this sync system is so incredibly easy- even a caveman could do it. Great job, guys!



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