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New Ebook: The WordPress Ecommerce Opportunity

Our latest ebook just arrived: The WordPress Ecommerce Opportunity: How Freelance Developers Can Build Ecommerce Websites with WordPress — based on the WordPress Ecommerce Summit we hosted in September.

WordPress paves the way for the opportunity, but ecommerce is where it really takes off.

WP + Ecommerce = Opportunity

Ecommerce is definitely complicated, but it’s getting easier to do ecommerce with WordPress. In this ebook, we outline how WordPress developers can specialize in ecommerce and take advantage of the growing need for ecommerce.


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Topics covered

Opportunity: Why WordPress? What’s different about getting into WordPress ecommerce development? We cover three reasons to specialize in building ecommerce sites on WordPress.

Markets: What markets can you move in to selling ecommerce sites? We cover two major potential markets, plus tips on finding new clients.

Services:  What services could you offer those markets? Learn three popular services you can pitch to potential clients — services that will make your clients more money or make their jobs easier.

WordPress for Ecommerce: How can you prove to a potential client that WordPress is the right choice? We offer the major benefits you could talk up to a reluctant client, including freedom, control, ease and flexibility.

Understanding the Ecommerce Process: We walk through the standard ecommerce process, then look at how things change with a third party processor. We also talk about security requirements and what to consider when choosing a payment system.

How to Scope & Price Ecommerce Projects: How much can you charge for an ecommerce project? We can’t give you a dollar amount, but we can help you sort through how to come up with a dollar amount.

The Ecommerce Toolkit: Ecommerce projects are bigger than regular web development projects, so you’re going to need a bigger toolkit. There are three basic tools you’ll need for any ecommerce project, plus three foundational things all ecommerce site will need.

First Steps to Getting Started:  If you’re going to get into WordPress ecommerce you’re going to need some experience. So we close with a few more resources and next steps to get you started.

More WordPress Ecommerce Ebooks

Download our two other WordPress ecommerce ebooks: Ecommerce for Everybody and WordPress & Ecommerce: A Simple Guide for Getting Started Selling Products Online.

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  1. Excellent read – thanks for sharing. I’m surprised there are so few WordPress ecommerce experts out there. Obviously there’s huge opportunity out there with as fast as the ecommerce space is growing. Any plans to showcase a few WordPress ecommerce developers down the road?



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