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Backups Are More Import Than Ever. BackupBuddy Can Help

For the last few years, most WordPress hacks I’ve seen involve adding data to your site. The attacker typically wants you to either spread his links on Google or spread malware to unsuspecting visitors.

Lately I’m hearing more and more however about site files simply being deleted and the sites themselves replaced with credit to the attacker. According to Regina Smola, our partner over at WPSecurityLock.com (affiliate link), deleting physical files and defacing home pages are becoming all the more common. Just in the last 24 hours she’s reported almost 10% of her total weekly customers have been hit by just such a a scenario.

What would you do if you woke up one morning to find your site and all of its files gone? Images, themes, plugins and everything else just vanished as if they were never there. Would you be able to recover?

While this is a quite a departure from most hacks that insert links or other data into your site, it doesn’t have to necessarily be any worse if you have a good backup.

Backup BuddyEnter BackupBuddy

When hacked, the first thing you need to do to get your site back up is have all your data saved somewhere else. In other words, you need a solid backup of both your database AND your files.

BackupBuddy can make full copies of every part of your site, your database, your files, everything. You can even have it schedule backups and automatically restore when something goes wrong.

Of course just having the backup on your web host is a start but, if the files can be deleted so to can your backup. As an added bonus, BackupBuddy will allow you to store your backups in BackupBuddy Stash, our own backup repository, so nothing will be able to keep you from your data.



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