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Easy Customer Management and Refunds in iThemes Exchange

Running an ecommerce website means you’ll need an easy way to manage your customers. iThemes Exchange uses the same built-in WordPress user system, making it simple to edit a customer’s transactions, view available downloads and make notes for your reference.

Customer Data from the Users > All Users Page

To view customer data, visit the Users > All Users page. Click the Customer Data link.
You can also reach the Customer Data page by opening any payment detail from the Exchange > Payments page. Click View Customer Data.


The Customer Data Page

From the Customer Data page, you’ll see these three tabs for customer management:

  1. Products
  2. Transactions
  3. Info


Refunding Purchases

To refund a purchase, click the Transactions tab. Click Refund from [Payment Type].


Resending Confirmation Emails

From this tab, you can also resend confirmation emails. The ability to easily resend confirmation emails to digital customers is important, since their confirmation email contains the download links to their products.


Adding Notes to Customers

To add notes to your customers, click the Info tab. The Notes section can be handy for keeping track of customer interactions (like refunds) for your reference.


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