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Membership Upgrades Made Simple – New for Exchange Membership Add-on

If you’re running a WordPress membership site and you have multiple membership product tiers, you’ve probably wished that you could make it simple for your customers to upgrade their membership to the next level.

Making the membership upgrade process easy and simple for your customers also makes life easier for you, the site owner, since you’re not manually calculating membership upgrade costs or delaying the process because upgrades can’t be more automated.

Our latest update for the Exchange Membership Add-on, our WordPress membership plugin, features a better way for members to upgrade (and downgrade) their memberships.

This update automatically calculates how much money the customer has paid into their current membership and applies that amount as a credit to the purchase of the next membership level at checkout.

Getting Started

To take advantage of the new Exchange membership upgrade feature, you’ll need the following plugins (with the minimum versions listed below) installed on your WordPress site:

Setting Up Membership Tiers

If you haven’t already set up membership tiers, or levels, here’s an example. With four membership products (Free Trial, Bronze, Silver, and Gold), your customers could subscribe to the Free Trial and then later upgrade to the Bronze, Silver or Gold tiers. If they purchase a Bronze, they could also easily upgrade to Silver or Gold.


To set these membership product tiers up in Exchange, add all of them as new membership products.

Applying Membership Hierarchies

For the membership upgrade/downgrade path to work, each of the memberships must be related. In the Advanced settings area, you’ll see a new Membership Hierarchy menu item.

The Membership Hierarchy section allows you to apply Child Memberships (additional memberships available to this membership level) and Parent Membership (memberships that include content from this membership and all the children of it). The Parent/Child Memberships are really another way of thinking which memberships are above and below the current membership level.

For the Free Trial membership:

  • Parent memberships: Gold, Silver and Bronze


For the Bronze Level Membership:

  • Child Memberships: Free Trial
  • Parent Memberships: Gold and Silver


For the Silver Level Membership:

  • Child Memberships: Bronze and Free Trial
  • Parent Memberships: Gold


For the Gold Level Membership:

  • Child Memberships: Silver, Bronze and Free Trial membership


The Upgrading/Downgrading Process

After a customer has purchased a lower-level membership (in this case, Bronze), the Gold Level membership product page will display their upgrade credit and a revised cart total based on their previous membership purchase.


Note: If you have your memberships set to auto-renew, customers will get free days (instead of a credit) applied to the purchase of a higher-tiered membership, until their remaining balance is used up.

Learn More about Creating a Membership Site with Exchange

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