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Invoicing Clients From Your WordPress Site With iThemes Exchange

iThemes Exchange makes creating, maintaining and sending your clients invoices simple. With the Exchange Invoices Add-on, you can create custom invoices and emails to bill your client. Even without the Invoices Add-on, Exchange provides viable solutions to make invoicing clients as easy as possible.

Creating Invoices Without the Invoices Add-on

If you do not own the Invoices Add-on, here is a method you can try using only the free version of Exchange. After you have downloaded and installed Exchange, create a new digital download product to serve as your invoice. After filling out the details, enable Product Inventory in the Advanced Settings below and set it to 1.


You will want to upload a pre-stamped “paid” .PDF invoice for the client as the actual Product File.


Email the product link to your client, and after they’ve paid, they will be able to download the .PDF invoice, which will double as a receipt for them.

Creating Invoices With the Invoices Add-on

The Invoices Add-on is a fully robust invoicing solution, built on top of Exchange. The Invoices Add-on is available to owners of the Exchange Pro Pack, Toolkit, or Dev Suite packages, or can be purchased on its own.

Once Invoices is activated, a new product type will display within the Exchange menu.

After you’ve set the title and price, you must assign the invoice to a client. If you already have client accounts on your site, selecting Existing Client will reveal a drop-down menu you can use to easily assign them the invoice.

If your client does not already have an account, you will be able to create one for them. This option also allows you to create a custom username and password for them. If not, they will be generated automatically.


Invoices also allows you to set when the invoice will be sent, custom invoice and P.O. numbers, and your terms of how long you expect payment after the invoice has been received.


The invoice will be viewable to your client on its own, neatly styled page. At the bottom they will have the option to pay using any payment gateways you have set up within Exchange, such as Stripe or Paypal.


Formatting the Invoice

Within the Add-ons page from the Exchange menu, you’ll find a gear next to Invoices that allows you to change its settings. This allows you to format the email sent to your client however you like. There is a list of possible data keys below that you can use to truly customize the email for your client.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 4.12.53 PM

Keeping Track of Invoices

By logging into their customer account on your site, your clients will be able to access any and all invoices you’ve sent to them via the Dashboard. This is a handy way for them to easily keep track of their invoices, and refer to them again if need be. You will also be able to look through clients accounts as well, in order to keep track of invoices or edit payment statuses.

Watch the Webinar: Invoicing Clients with Exchange


  1. It would be great to send email reminders at specified intervals on overdue invoices, as well as have multiple email recipients.



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