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Easton, a New iThemes Builder Theme with Off-Canvas Navigation


Our latest iThemes Builder theme just arrived: Easton — with new features like an off-canvas navigation and the ability to upload a logo using the built-in WordPress customizer.

Visit the Easton Demo

New Off-Canvas Navigation + Logo Module

Based on customer requests, Easton features a new off-canvas Nav with Logo module that can be added to any page layout. This new navigation module adds a slide-in navigation menu to the right side of the page when the menu button is clicked. Check out the Easton demo site to see the new nav style in action.


Using the New Nav with Logo Module

To use the new logo + off-canvas navigation module, add the Nav with Logo Navigation module to your layout from the Builder Layout editor. Click Save and the module will be added to your Layout.


Upload Your Logo Using the WordPress Customizer

Easton takes advantage of the WordPress Customizer to add a logo to the Nav with Logo Navigation module.

To upload your logo, visit the Appearance > Customize page from the WordPress dashboard and upload your site logo. For this theme, we’ve included our recommendation for logo dimensions of 330px wide by 90px tall.


Full Window Images

Our latest Builder themes include the ability to add Full Window (or full-width) images to your layouts using the Builder Image Module. Just add an image module to your layout, upload an image and select the Full Window style.

easton full-window images

Built-in Layouts

Easton comes packaged with several pre-built Layouts to help you get started building your site. Check out the Easton demo to see examples of the prepackaged layouts for the home pageemail signup and hero banner.


Ecommerce Styles for iThemes Exchange

Launch your online shop using iThemes Exchange, our free WordPress ecommerce plugin. Easton features theme-matching styles for the store, individual product pages, cart and account pages. Check out the Easton demo to see the store styles.

easton-exchange styles

Download and Purchase Info

Easton is available for purchase as part of the Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and WordPress Web Designer’s Toolkit. Easton is also available as a stand-alone Builder theme.

All current Builder Developer Pack, All Access Theme Pass and Toolkit members will find Easton available now for immediate download from the iThemes Member Panel.

Get Easton now


  1. Nice theme, I like it very much and I think it would have worked well for my website but I used the Builder child theme Everett. Great work everyone, especially on the menu system.



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