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Builder Mobile Navigation Plugin Released

Our latest Builder themes are not only fully responsive, but also include a navigation module that will adapt based on the screen width. Our latest theme Easton, even has a great off-canvas navigation.

Older themes do not include mobile navigation, so for that, and based on several requests for such a feature, the (free) Builder Mobile Navigation plugin was created. Builder customers can find the plugin in their membership download area as of today.

The plugin can be used on all Builder themes, responsive and non-responsive.

Install and activate

You will find the plugin in your iThemes members page (Builder – Mobile Navigation) where you can download and install the plugin just like you would install any other plugin. Make sure that you license the plugin, so that you can make use of the automatic updates and sync features. When activated, you will find an extra menu option in the Builder (My Theme) menu in the WordPress dashboard.

Plugin Options

Builder mobile navigation options

Builder mobile navigation options

The plugin options are straightforward, you can either let the plugin decide the width at which point the menu will collapse to a socalled “hamburger” menu, or you can override this setting.

The Mobile Navigation has basic styling, but this can easily be adapted to fit your needs. The stylesheets are well documented. To create your custom styling, all you need to do is create a folder in your Builder custom theme folder named it-mobilenav. In that folder, add a stylesheet named style.css, and the plugin will automatically include that stylesheet.


Builder with normal menu

Standard Builder menu

Standard Builder menu

Builder mobile navigation menu

Builder Mobile Navigation menu

Builder Mobile Navigation menu

We hope you enjoy this plugin, and for questions, issues, suggestions or feedback, please use the Builder Mobile Navigation forum.



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