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Using Coupons & Styling Customer Receipt Templates in iThemes Exchange

Want to know how you can get some easy return business from customers on your site? This week’s Exchange Talk will cover how you can create and style coupons, send them to your customers and get them coming back for more.

How Coupons Work in iThemes Exchange

For this tutorial, all we’ll need is the Coupons add-on for Exchange. We’ll use this Exchange add-on to create a coupon that you can attach to the emails your clients receive to give them an incentive to come back and make another purchase. Next we’ll cover the basics of setting up a coupon using the add-on.

Creating a coupon

First, you’ll need to activate the Coupons add-on. You’ll find it listed on the Exchange > Add-ons page. Click the button to enable the Coupons Add-on.

iThemes Exchange Coupons Add-on

After you’ve enabled it, there will now be a Coupons link within your Exchange menu on the left-hand navigation menu of the WordPress dashboard. This new link will take you to Coupons page, which will display all the coupons you’ve created across your site.


Since we don’t have any yet, we’re going to go ahead and hit the Add New button at the top of the page. This will take you to the Add Coupon page, which displays a form you can fill out to create your coupon. Lets briefly cover each field in a bit more detail.



The name field is the name of the coupon as it will display within Exchange, allowing you to differentiate it from others. It is important to note that the coupon name and code are not necessarily the same. A good way you can utilize the name field would be, for example, if you wanted to send a coupon only to an individual or a small handful of people. If you later discover that the code has gotten more usage than you had intended for it to, you’ll be able to more easily recognize who it was that gave it out.


This is the actual code that users will enter to receive the discount on the product(s) they will purchase. You can enter one manually or click the dice icon to the right of the text field to generate a randomized alphanumeric code. The later is especially useful if your intent is for the code to only be used once.


The amount field allows you to specify how much of a discount is applied. You can set it to be a percentage of the price or a specific number of $USD.

Start/End Date

These fields allow you to specify a range of time during which the coupon is valid. Setting a start date will schedule a specific day on which the code will begin to be active. Likewise, setting an end date sets the day the code will stop being valid. If both are set, you can create a range of time for the coupon to be valid, be it a single day or a whole year. Leaving these fields blank will make the coupon valid forever, unless you decide to delete it later. When you click into the text field, a calendar will appear with which you can select a specific date. Alternatively you can type in a date manually.

Limit Number

This allows you to limit the number of times the coupon code can be used. For example, if you wanted to send a code to a single client because of a mistake, to give them a gift, etc. you may want to utilize this option so that they are the only one who can use the code. Leaving this field unchecked will allow the code to be used an unlimited number of times

Limit Product

This option allows you to limit the coupon code to a specific item that you can choose from a drop-down list. If you decide to have a sudden sale on a specific item, for example, this would be a great option to use. Leaving this field unchecked will allow the code to be used on any product across your site. Once you’ve created your coupon, hit Save and you’ll be taken back to the Coupons page where you can view, edit, or sort your coupons based on the different fields that you entered when you created them. For the purposes of this example, we’re going to use a coupon named “Returning Customer” with the code “THANKYOU25” for 25% off any item in the store.


Adding Your Coupon to Email

Now obviously there are many methods you can use to send this coupon to your customer, such as your monthly or weekly newsletter. For this example however, we’re going to be adding it to the email that is sent to your customers when they purchase a product from your site. First navigate to the Email Settings tab within the Settings page for Exchange. Here you’ll see two different emails, and it’s important to understand the difference between the two. The first is the Admin Notifications email. This is the email that will be sent to you when a sale has been made. Below it is the email we want to add the coupon code to, the Customer Receipt Email. This is the email the client receives once they have purchased a product from your site. Here we’ll add in the coupon code. That’s all well and good, but it doesn’t stand out that much, does it? Next we’ll style it up a bit more to bring more attention to it.


Styling your Email

One of the great features available to you for your Customer Receipt Emails is the ability to incorporate HTML. Because you can add in HTML, it is also possible to include CSS, using inline styles. You can style your coupon however much or little you want, but make sure you’re in the Text menu, instead of Visual in order to do so.



Resending the Email

By manually modifying the Customer Receipt Email, all new customers who purchase products through your store will now receive the updated email that contains the coupon code. However, you can also resend the confirmation email to customers who have already purchased products from your store. If you navigate over to the Users page, under each username you will see a link that says Customer Data. This will take you to a page that displays all the products, transactions, and other info associated with that customer. Navigate to the Transactions tab, which will display a history of every transaction that customer has made. Click any of the buttons next to a transaction that say “Resend Confirmation Email” to send them the revised email that now includes your new coupon code.





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