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How to Change the Order of Appearance of Products in iThemes Exchange

As an iThemes newbie, I’ve been tinkering with several of the plugins. I’ve been working a bit with iThemes Exchange creating demo sites and learning all I can before Elise presents iThemes Exchange at WordCamp Austin.

One of the issues I came across was wanting to be able to control the order in which the products appeared, especially when it comes to a membership site. I had three tiers of memberships and was unable to get them in the order I wanted.

I know I’m not alone in this, but as soon as I slowed down to read and perform the directions in the plugin, I was able to see the order I wanted, while learning some additional info. So, if you’re like me and don’t read everything with care all the time, here are some easy steps to get the order of your products in iThemes Exchange to display exactly as you would like.

How I got to this screen: Dashboard > Exchange > All Products > Individual Product 

Exchange Store screen shot with annotation

From the Advanced Settings section, go to the Store Order tab and set the order of each product. Remember if you select 1 as the order, it will be the first one to go on the page, not the first product to display. So, if you have three products, you’ll want to put a 3 in the Store Order field, for whichever product you want to appear first on the page.

After you’ve set your Store Order, be sure to make the specified change in the Exchange General Settings.

How I got to this screen: Dashboard > Exchange > Settings > General tab

Exchange General Settings with Annotation

Make sure you select Product Order # and hit Save Changes at the bottom of the screen.

That’s it! You’ve hand picked the order of your items, and now they will display this way on your Exchange site. Here is the “before: screen shot:

BEFORE product order

Here is the “after” screen shot. I wanted the membership levels listed in price ascending order.

AFTER Product Order



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