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Bulk Install Plugins & Themes Across Multiple WordPress Sites in Seconds – New in iThemes Sync

If you’re a freelancer building sites for clients, you probably know the headache of spinning up a new WordPress installation that includes all your go-to themes and plugins. Since these files have to be individually installed (either directly from the WordPress dashboard, or unzipped and uploaded to your server via FTP), the process can get time-consuming.

BackupBuddy can help package your base WordPress development install with your usual combination of themes and plugins, but we have a new way to help you quickly deploy new sites (and keep your current ones up-to-date) directly from the iThemes Sync dashboard.

Get Your 10 Free Sync Sites

Bulk Install All Your iThemes Themes and Plugins in Seconds

We hope Sync’s new Bulk Install feature will enhance your iThemes member experience — because now you don’t have to manually log in to the iThemes Member Panel to download your purchased themes and plugins each time you need to install them on a new site. Sync will handle it for you — saving you download and installation steps (so, ultimately, lots of time!)


Getting Started with iThemes Sync

If you’re new to iThemes Sync, here’s a recap of how to get started managing all your WordPress sites from one place with Sync.

1. Download and install the Sync plugin on each of your WordPress sites. Note: You’ll need to make sure you’re running v.1.5 or higher to take advantage of the new Sync Install feature.

The Sync plugin can be downloaded directly from the iThemes Sync dashboard. If you’re not a current iThemes customer, you can sign up for the free Sync 10 Sites Plan here so you’ll be able to access the Sync dashboard.


For more info on setting up Sync, check out our Sync Quick Setup Guide.

2. License your iThemes themes and plugins. For Sync to be able to “communicate” with your site’s themes and plugins, you’ll need to add licenses to iThemes Sync and all other iThemes products.


To add licenses, visit Settings > iThemes Licensing from the WordPress dashboardUsing your iThemes username and password, add licenses to all unlicensed products.

iThemes Licensing-add-new

Using the New Sync Bulk Install Feature

Note: Make sure you’re running Sync v1.5 or higher. You can update the Sync plugin right from the Sync dashboard.

1. Login to the Sync dashboard. Click the new Install menu item on the left.


2. From the Install Plugins & Themes Page, select the sites that you’d like to install your themes and plugins.


Sites that can’t be selected indicate an older version of Sync. If you click on one of the sites, you’ll get a reminder from Sync to update your version of iThemes Sync.


3. Next up, Sync will give you the option of selecting plugins or themes. Depending on your iThemes membership, Sync will generate a list of the available themes or plugins to install.


4. Select Add to Queue next to any theme or plugin (or even multiple themes and plugins) from the list. If you’d like for Sync to automatically activate the themes or plugins after installation, click the Activate Plugin after installation button at the top of the list.


Here’s the new Sync Bulk Install feature in action. In the last few frames, I’ve navigated back to my WordPress site to confirm the plugins were successfully installed.


What About Non-iThemes Themes and Plugins?

Right now, you can use Sync to bulk install your iThemes themes and plugins, but we have plans to also include installations via a zip uploader and by searching the WordPress.org repo. Check out the iThemes Sync Roadmap to see all Sync’s future features and add your request.

Get iThemes Sync Today

If you aren’t already using iThemes Sync to manage your WordPress sites from one place, get your 10 free site plan now. Current iThemes customers can log in to the Sync Dashboard now to download Sync and start using the new Sync Bulk Install Feature.

If you need more than 10 sites, check out our Sync Site Plans for 25, 50 and 100 sites.

Get Your 10 Free Sync Sites


  1. Can ‘non-iThemes’ plugins be added to the list for Bulk Install? For example, say I wanted to use W3TC plugin to all my sites, can I add this to the list of plugins?



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