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iThemes Exchange Success Spotlight: Alaina Frederick

In this post, we’ll be covering how an iThemes user went from taking in a demo of Exchange to getting a client’s store up an running.

The Exchange Membership Demo

Alaina Frederick reached out for more information about iThemes Exchange via our Contact form. I sent her a quick email asking exactly what specifically she wanted her site to do and what she wanted to see during the demo. I know that if it were me, I’d be more receptive to a tailored demo rather than a generic box demo, so I like to hunt down the details.

Alaina was more than helpful even providing challenges she was encountering in her current state with her membership site needs. Again, this helped me tailor the demo and maximize the time together. Here are some of the specifics she gave me ahead of time:

  • Membership add-on features
  • What does a page look like when someone does not have access (membership content)
  • Content drip capabilities

I was able showcase Membership through our Membership Demo Site.

iThemes Exchange Membership

We walked through becoming a member on the site, and what a page looked like that a particular membership did not have access to. We also discussed the shortcodes you can use to restrict selections of content on a page (really cool feature).

We also spoke about other add-ons Exchange offers, like MailChimp and Digital Downloads.

The one-on-one demonstration of  iThemes Exchange really helped me go from “just interested” to “must have”. There were a few key elements I wasn’t grasping from the sales page copy and the time I spent watching Ashley’s screen and how things flowed was the missing piece.

The Follow Up

I took notes of the questions I was unable to answer during the demo, and sent the answers in an email. We exchanged a couple emails back and forth about features and functionality.

One example: Where can I go to find out how to customize the Membership Content appearance? Ultimately our awesome Exchange Support was able to help her get the content customized to her liking.

I’m loving Exchange. It’s exactly what my client needed to make her vision a reality. We are integrating the RSS MailChimp Tag Feed to allow us to provide exclusive blog content to those that purchase products in the store. So not only do they get amazing products for their children but they also get continued activities, projects and more through a Members Only tag on the blog! I can’t wait to use it myself for my own how-to tutorial membership site!

Here’s a quick view of their shop running iThemes Exchange, or you can visit iKnow’s full site.


It’s cool to see all the great things our customers are doing with iThemes Exchange, including Alaina being able to make her client’s dream a reality. For me, it was awesome to be able to see the site go from brainstorming and problem solving communications, to a live store.

If you would like a tailored demo of iThemes Exchange, request it!

More iThemes Exchange goodness – a free webinar!

In this webinar, iThemes Exchange lead developer Glenn Ansley will give an overview of Exchange, including a walk-through of the API so that you can create custom (or premium) add-ons and themes.

iThemes Exchange for Developers: Overview

Thursday, June 26, 2014
11:00 AM – 12:00 PM CDT

Register for the webinar

*Can’t make the live webinar? We’ll post the webinar replay to the blog.



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